Are Durex condoms reliable?

are durex condom reliable


Are Durex condoms reliable?

Most people find themselves in a fix while buying a condom. One of the most common question that crosses one’s mind is, can this product be trusted? This article is focused on answering your question that ‘Are Durex condoms reliable?

Durex condoms are made of some of the best quality materials like Natural Latex, Lubricant and Suspending Agents, which makes them extremely reliable.

Natural latex:

The integral component of Durex is the natural latex. Durex only uses 100% natural latex to produce condoms. Prior to purchasing these raw materials, each batch of latex is tested and evaluated at the plantation itself. Once the latex arrives at Durex factory, it undergoes another test. The latex only enters the production process if its quality meets Durex global standard.

Durex practices International procedures and techniques in its manufacturing process. Before shipment from the factory, the products are checked again to ensure the quality of the product. The products also need to pass the strict quality standards benchmarked by Durex. Therefore, customers can trust Durex products.

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Durex adds non-viscous, colorless and tasteless lubricant to its condoms. Lubricant is added to increase your pleasant sensation in a better way. You can rest assured knowing that Durex Lubricants does not harm your skin as they are water-based.

Suspending Agent

Durex Performance condoms contains a suspending agent known as benzocaine. Benzocaine helps in prolonging sexual pleasure. It is a safe element, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Considering these factors, now when you ask that, ‘Are Durex condoms reliable?’ Theoretically, they are reliable and safe. For some extreme cases people with very special physique need to be careful. Some people having extremely sensitive skin might come across some irritation from the components of the condom including latex.

It is recommended to consult a doctor if you have any particular issues. Otherwise, for majority of people Durex products are absolutely safe and reliable.