Classification of Durex condoms enables you to know better about sexual needs

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Classification of Durex condoms enables you to know better about sexual needs

The cataloguing of Durex condoms is clear. There are 3 series. However, why is it necessary for us to know the classification of Durex condoms? It is with an intent to understand the effect of each series, which will further help us in making better choice while having sex. Durex condoms can be differentiated into three series: Fun & Adventure, Feeling & Intimacy and Performance series. Next, we will know more about them one by one.

Classification of Durex condoms – Feeling & Intimacy

The first series I would like to introduce is Feeling & Intimacy. Everyone starts to appreciate the splendor of sex after frequent sexual intercourse. And for our first time, we all want intimate physical touch and want to enjoy close proximity without any barrier.Durex Feel-thin Intimate condom adopts ultra-thin design to afford you with genuine feeling in every insertion, bringing higher sensitivity to women, and more pleasure to men.

Classification of Durex condoms – Fun & Adventure

Pleasure series is the second series in Durex condom classification. Sex is expected to be passionate, full of fun, thrill and enjoyment. Keeping in mind the needs of users, Durex produces Fun & Adventure series to make sure that everyone's sex is full of joy. A perfect combination of ribs and dots design along with fruit flavored condoms helps in preventing pregnancy and making sex a more enjoyable activity.

Classification of Durex condoms - Performance series

Perfect sex must be long lasting. If you give up half way, then the sexual intercourse becomes a total failure. Performance series is one of the series in Durex condom classification. The reservoir tips of this condom consist of suspending agent known as benzocaine, which helps in prolonging ejaculation