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Understanding Orgasm

Understanding Orgasm


If there’s a reward for sex, it is undoubtedly the orgasm. Sadly there are certain things than can affect someone’s ability to achieve them, for instance, if you're sleepy, unfit, have a poor diet, drink, smoke or take drugs, your ability to come may get affected. A healthy body is key to a healthy climax. 

Other factors that might influence said activity, such as not being ready for sex; either due to nervousness, fear of pregnancy, or previous traumatic experiences. If you feel any of these factors are affecting you, we advise you to see your general physician.

But there’s no reason to worry, even if your partner can or cannot make you orgasm, it is often a lot easier to have an orgasm on your own. The more you discover your own body, the easier it get for you to climax with a partner.

The Four Phases of an Orgasm

  1. Arousal

Initially, the blood flows to your lips, nipples and other extremities. Genitals tend to swell, and their color darkens, leaving a tingly sensation. In this stage, women start to get wet, for many men, pre-cum begins to release from the penis; your heart rate speeds up and you tend to breathe quickly.
In case one does not get wet, Durex Play lubricant may be applied to make this stage proceed smoothly. Lubrication provides moisture, making foreplay a more comfortable and exciting experience.

  1. Plateau

In this particular phase, women sense the opening of the top of their vagina, their womb prepares itself to receive the sperm by shifting its position. A steady rush of blood reaches the chest, hardening the nipples and swelling the breasts. The clitoris pulls back against the pubic bone and the hood (like a male foreskin) slides back to expose the tip. In men however, a hole in the centre of the glands, contracts, thereby stopping urine from leaking out. As the muscles at the base of the penis begin pulsing, the testicles tighten. 

  1. Climax 

The climax differs in men and women, while the men ejaculate, the women’s vaginal muscles release spasmodically, their anus goes into a spasm, and in both cases the heart beat and breathing goes up. Sometimes, after the climax, the clitoris as well as the penis’s head become painful and sensitive to touch.

  1. Resolution

After the climax, the body goes back to normal, muscles begin to relax and the heartbeat normalizes. During this time, men feel the need to fall asleep (as well as some women), this however, is the best time to snuggle.


"A healthy body leads to healthy climax."