Condoms' little secrets

condom little secret


Condoms' little secrets

People use condoms mainly for their contribution to safe sex. They are harmless as compared to any other contraceptive method. Few people hate using condoms as they think that a condom hinders the comfort in an intercourse. However, it is important to use a condom if you are looking for a safe and secure sexual intercourse. Below are few lesser-known things about condoms that you should know.

The condom becomes useless if not used correctly. You also need to be cautious while choosing a condom for yourself because not all categories are suitable for you.

Many couples prefer using extra thin condoms for greater sensitivity. The major issue with thin condoms is that they are accidently torn out by long fingernails or the finger rings. They might accidentally tear when you are completely lost in the lovemaking. This can cause the failure of contraception. In addition, vaginal dryness can also be responsible for the condom breakage. Sometimes your stamina might prove to be a negative aspect because long lasting lovemaking also increases the risk of breaking.

Some men like using ribbed or dotted condoms. They enjoy providing extra stimulation to their partner. Using these condoms raise women's excitement threshold in bed but frequent use can decrease pleasure level during regular stimulation.

Durex has also introduced a series of pleasure extending condoms. These condoms can efficiently prolong the duration of intercourse. Such condoms contain an anesthetic, which can delay climax but that may cause local blood stasis or swelling and induce genital inflammation if the prostate frequently stays congestive for a long time.

For a perfect sex life, you should only choose durable, reliable and high-quality products. Durex is a globally renowned brand of sex products and it has established great production procedures. Starting from the selection of raw materials, to advanced steps of production, Durex practices stringent control over every process. Only fine and all natural latex is used in manufacturing Durex condoms. In order to assure the best quality, all the raw materials are thoroughly inspected prior purchase. After the latex is shipped to the factory, it undergoes a series of strict tests before it can be put in storage. Only quality raw latex are sent for the production process.