Do Adults need education in Sex?

Unveiling the Importance of Adult Sex Education | Durex India 

Unfortunately, many adults do not have adequate information about sex. The right guidance can help them have fulfilled sex lives.

Sex is a taboo subject in many cultures. Any subject remotely sex-related is not freely discussed. At the most, friends might whisper to each other about their sexual experiences and fears. Unfortunately, this conspiracy of silence about sex causes many problems – people have many questions and doubts, but they fear voicing their concerns for fear of being considered ‘too curious’ about ‘that’ subject! This leads to many confusing notions about sex, that begin from adolescence and are carried well into adult life.

Does this sound implausible? Take a look at the ‘sexpert’ columns in magazines and newspapers, and you will be astonished at the kinds of doubts that people have about their own bodies, urges, sexual orientation, their partner’s bodies, and so on. It soon becomes amply clear that many people in the country require classes in sex education for adults – so that they understand the basics, and can have fulfilled sex lives.

How can sex education for adults help? Consider the following ways:

They can understand their own bodies better.  It sounds astounding, but many people are not very clear about the anatomies of their sexual parts. Women are unclear about where their cervix is, why they get periods, how to calculate their fertile days in the month, etc. Meanwhile, men are unsure about the right amount of curvature of their penises, why they cannot get multiple orgasms like women can, and what virginity really means.

They can have healthy notions about sex. In India, we are conditioned to believe that women do not – and should not – initiate sex. We are led to believe that women who profess a liking for sex or who have more knowledge about it than a man does, are ‘loose’ women. Unfortunately, many women also harbour these beliefs – thus causing them to suppress their desires or not express themselves sexually with their partners. Meanwhile, both sexes must be informed about consent and the concept of marital rape.

They can enjoy sex more. Sex is a reality in our lives, however much we choose to ignore its importance. And the fact is, sex is a beautiful, rewarding expression of love. The more informed a person is about sex and how to have it in a safe, enjoyable manner, the more gratifying their sex life can be. They can learn the various ways to enjoy sex and give pleasure to their partners, how to set and understand boundaries of what to do and what not to do, and the various toys and implements one may use to get a shattering climax. More to the point, the right information on the subject can help people see that sex is a shared experience between two people in love, and that both can and must enjoy it in tandem to have the most wonderful sex life ever.