Efficient family planning is all about choosing the right methods

Efficient family planning is all about choosing the right methods


Efficient family planning is all about choosing the right methods

Every adult who is sexually active must consider family planning methods. World Health Organization says family planning is not only about preventing pregnancy, but also about timely conception, which ensures that the baby is planned and wanted. The birth control method you narrow down on must be after considering health concerns, personal preferences and habits. The only way to prevent pregnancy by 100 percent is by complete abstinence, but these days, majority of the contraceptives have a decent success rate when practiced properly.

Birth control tablets

Birth control pills are a type of oral contraceptive that women have to administer every day. The method is highly useful for women who can remind themselves to take the pill every day and who wants to restore their fertility quickly. According to Fertility Friend, the website, approximately 54 percent of women regained fertility in their first cycles after they discontinued the pill. However it takes up to nine months to achieve full fertility. But, this method comes with its own set of risks and not all women are capable of tolerating the hormones.

Barrier Method

Barrier method consist of the usage of both male and female condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps. The idea here is to stop the sperm from bonding with an egg. To afford yourselves with the blessing of spontaneity, it is necessary for you to have the barrier methods in place before penetration. In the case of male condoms, men get the opportunity to share responsibility of birth control and keep STDs at bay. Barrier methods are generally free of side effects and it does not have any long-term effects on fertility.

Long-term solutions

If people are not comfortable with the usage of contraception on a daily basis, and also need the ability to conceive in the future, there are several long-term contraceptive options one can keep in mind to avoid pregnancy. Long-term methods include practices like contraceptive shot, implantable rod, vaginal ring and intrauterine device, also known as IUD. All the methods mentioned here are hormonal and cannot be reversed easily, but your fertility would bounce back to normalcy after discontinuation.

Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning is the safest answer to the “How to plan for family” question. This is the only option that is absolutely free of any cost and side-effects (short and long time). NFP needs you to learn the body cycles of woman to figure out the days when she is most fertile. The knowledge can be used to advantage when it comes to achieving pregnancy by timing intercourse during fertile times, and to avoid pregnancy by not having intercourse during fertile periods. The only and major disadvantage you have to deal with is having to beat the temptation of having sex when women are biologically most interested in having it.However effectiveness of this technique is questionable