How good is Durex? View its history!

History and Achievements of Durex as a Brand | Durex India


How good is Durex? View its history!

Renowned around the world as a brand of condom, Durex is well known to people. It makes sex life safe, secure and more delightful. However, there is a lot more about Durex that you need to know. This article traces back to the time when Durex was just making its way from the scratch to become the celebrated brand it is today. This article is directed to provide noteworthy information to people with more information about this brand of condom.

Introduction to Durex--a brand of condom.

Globally known as a brand of sexual health, Durex was a subsidiary of SSL Group initially and was later acquired by Reckitt Benckiser in 2010. Distinguished as an international giant for consumer products, Reckitt Benckiser is ambitions at providing healthy and happier lifestyle to people around the world by offering creative products and solutions. Headquartered in the UK, Reckitt Benckiser is a listed company of London Stock Exchange and a member of the FTSE-100 Index.

Durex was created in 1929. The name Durex comes from a combination of three words: durability, reliability and excellence. After 80 years of significant research and development, Durex has become synonymous to extraordinary quality, and has won the trust of consumers across the globe.

Durex does not only produce condoms

As people started getting unbiased and open minded with respect to sex, Durex started producing many other products apart from condoms such as lubricants, sex products, etc. Durex caters to the needs of different people. Its condoms are majorly classified into three series i.e. ‘Fun and Adventure’, ‘Feeling and Intimacy’ and ‘Performance’. Each series is designed for different attributes and consists of different product range of different styles.

Achievements of Durex

Durex's condoms are sold in more than 150 countries and is leading across 40 markets under the condom and sex product category. Durex also leads in the technical development of modern condoms, including the ones with good lubricants and excellent shapes, which adapt to human anatomy. Apart from this, Durex is a global leader of world-class non-rubber condoms.

Apart from being a trusted brand among condoms, Durex is now an international brand for sex products. Durex has been advocating and working hard to make a healthy and perfect sex life possible. While thinking of Durex as a brand of condoms, you should also have a look at its other products like lubricants and sex tools.

Durex has an outstanding production procedure: the first step is the purchasing, inspection and storage of raw materials. Every Durex condom is electronically tested. Electronic testing checks on the holes and other defects in the condoms to ensure that they don't have any air hole and can effectively decrease the risk of pregnancy and AIDS.