How many types of Durex condoms?

how many types of durex condom


How many types of Durex condoms?

You might surely know about the brand Durex. However in regards to different types of Durex condoms, you might not know a big deal about them. So, how many types of Durex condoms are there? Now, we will explain in detail the different types of Durex condoms.

1. How many types of Durex condoms? - Classification by series

There are how many types of Durex condoms? Durex condoms can be differentiated into three main series: Fun & Adventure, Feeling & Intimacy, and Performance series. There are different kind of condoms below each series. You can choose whichever series you want depending on your need. If you want to bring excitement, go with Fun and Adventure series; if you would like to enjoy more proximity with your partner, Feeling & intimacy series is a good choice; and if you want to last long, Performance series is appropriate for you. Thus, 3 series of Durex condoms are mentioned above.


2. How many types of Durex condoms? - Advantages of different series

We assume it is safe to believe that you are pretty much aware about the types of Durex condoms by now. But, what are benefits of classifying each series? Next, we will move on to the advantages of each series.

Firstly, we will discuss Fun & Adventure series. It will be demonstrated by Durex Apple and Durex Pleasure Me. In this series we completely alter the appearance and get rid of the original smooth surface. Instead we bring in ribs and dot design to enhance the pleasure with every insertion. Moreover, the fruit flavor adds new excitement into sex by olfactory sensation.

Secondly, we will discuss the Feeling & Intimacy series. The distinctive feature of this series is summed up with one word "ultra-thin". They are thinner than regular Durex condoms, which provides what lovers ask for - intimate experience while having sexual intercourse.

Last but not least, Performance series. We are sure that every man wants to last longer. And Durex Performance series can help men in achieving this wish. Put on Extended Pleasure condoms and make sex last longer every time.

3. How many types of Durex condoms? - Quality and guarantee

Each condom in above mentioned Durex series is made out of natural latex with high quality assurance that assures you safe and pleasurable sex. Other than the general function of protecting you from unwanted pregnancy, Durex condoms also keep HIV and STDs infections at bay. Meanwhile, lubricant adds smoothness and moisture in sex every time.