How Effective are Durex condoms?

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How Effective are Durex condoms?

Condoms are of a great use though they are small in size. Durex condoms don’t just prevent pregnancy and STDs but they also add joy and pleasure to sex as well. Furthermore, Durex condoms are not just of one type, but there are various categories of Durex condoms. Each category has its distinct feature that satisfies different sexual needs of people.

Durex condoms - Fun and Adventure:

Specially designed to add more fun and adventure to your intimate moments. The Durex Fun & Adventure series reignites your passion with exciting range of dotted, flavored, and ribbed condoms. Currently, two products ‘Excite Me’ and ‘Pleasure Me’ are available under this category. ‘Excite Me’ Condoms give you pleasure and intense stimulation. ‘Pleasure Me’ condoms are designed with uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots which helps in achieving enhanced stimulation for you and your partner.

Durex Fun and Adventure series condoms are made of high-quality natural latex. They provide intimate and safe sex.

Durex condoms – Feel Thin:

Looking for a thinner condom? Try Durex Feel Thin condoms. These condoms provide a sleeker feel and greater sensitivity during sex without compromising high level of reassurance and protection. Feel Thin condoms are made in a way that it smells better and keeps you and your partner away from unpleasant distractions. These condoms are thinner than other Durex condoms. This condom lets you have an intimate experience while having sexual intercourse.

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Feel the joy of sex with feel thin condoms. Like all other Durex condoms, feel thin condom is also a quality tested product. Rest assured, enjoy the sexual pleasure without worry and burden.

Durex condoms - Performance:

Durex Performance condoms is the best choice for those who enjoy prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse. These condoms are specially designed for you to enhance the sexual pleasure and give a long lasting performance. Performance condoms have a special lube that helps you to delay climax and extend the intimacy. durex Blog Durex Extended Pleasure condoms contain a special lube called Benzocaine – inside the condom, which helps the man in delaying climax and prolonging excitement for longer duration. These condoms are made of natural latex and have better quality than the international standards.

The above-mentioned types are most popular condoms by Durex. Apart from these, there are other types and designs as well. As long as couples have needs, Durex is always there to satisfy them.