How to deftly cope with broken Durex condoms?

Broken condom


How to deftly cope with broken Durex condoms?

Have you ever gone through a situation where you are making passionate love and you suddenly realize that the Durex condom that you are using is broken? As a matter of fact, Durex condoms have low rate when it comes to breaking. The break might be an outcome of improper use. So early prevention is vital to ensure contraception.

Check Durex condoms before use

One should cultivate the habit of checking the condom well before use. Maybe due to improper storage and other factors, the condom might already be broken even before you use it. So, at times while having passionate sex, Durex condom break. The break rate of condoms is considerably low, and the break rate of high quality condoms is only 1%. Few condoms might end up having small holes in the front end which can be missed by naked eyes. Though sperms might find it difficult to penetrate through the holes, the holes can end up becoming a portal for virus, as the size of AIDS virus is smaller than the sperm. Moreover, almost all viruses that are sexually transmitted are very small. Thus, certain condoms may ensure contraception, but end up failing to prevent diseases.

To use Durex condoms correctly

If you don’t want the condoms to break, ensure that you are using it correctly. First and foremost, you should go with a condom that is of your size and ensure that the condom is intact before use. This helps in preventing breakage and ensuring contraception after use

Condoms should be worn after your penis is erect and before sex. Once you have ejaculated, you should hold the condom by the edge and withdraw the penis (together with the condom) out of your partner’s vagina before your penis gets back to its normal size just so to avoid the semen flowing out from the base of your penis. According to surveys, in a lot of sexual activities with condoms, few semen end up flowing from the base of the penis. That little flow-out semen might not lead to pregnancy, but might end up causing sexually transmitted infections including AIDS.

How to do if the condom breaks when you are having sex

If you find out that the condom is broken while having sex, you must discontinue the sexual activity in time to guarantee contraception. If you are incapable of stopping the sexual activity on time, the semen would end up flowing into your partner’s vagina, making contraception unsuccessful.

In a nutshell, if you follow regular operations, the chances of Durex condoms breaking is very slim. In case Durex condoms end up breaking during sexual activity, you should discontinue sexual activity instantaneously and take after-sex remedial measures to guarantee contraception.