Introduction to effects of Durex condoms

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Introduction to effects of Durex condoms

Durex condoms not only help with contraceptive effect but also ensures ultimate sexual pleasure. Below are the major effects of Durex Condoms.


Like every other condom brand, the very basic and fundamental function of Durex condoms is contraception. Condoms conveniently prevent pregnancy without any side effects. Using condoms in a correct way is the key to prevent pregnancy as condoms have high contraception rate. Before sexual intercourse, you should make sure that the condom is not broken or damaged in any way. Take it off immediately after intercourse to avoid the semen.

Introduction to effects of durex condoms

There is no such thing that has 100% contraception guarantee but you can attain minimum of 85% contraception rate if condoms are used correctly.


Condoms are safe because they ensure healthy and secure sex. Using a condom correctly can effectively prevent pregnancy, HIV and other STDs. However, condoms cannot prevent viruses spread by the body parts, which are not covered by condom such as syphilis, Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).


Condoms also help in stimulating sex. Durex pleasure series is designed to bring greater sexual pleasure for couples. For example, Durex Pleasure me condoms have raised dots and ribs that maximize stimulation for both you and your partner. ‘Pleasure Me’ condoms are a unique combination of ribs and pleasure that affords you with higher friction which delivers more stimulation and satisfaction with every insertion.

There are multiple effects of Durex condoms. Do not forget to use a condom while enjoying a sexual intercourse. Durex condoms delivers the best results and makes your sex life passionate. Durex is focused on enhancing the joy and satisfaction in your intimate moments.