Introduction to types of Durex condoms.

Types of durex condoms


Introduction to types of Durex condoms

A condom is an essential part of your sex life. It does not only protect against pregnancy but also prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, Durex condoms can also add sexual pleasure. Durex has three major series of condoms that cater to different needs of people. Below is the description of Durex Condoms and its major series.

Feeling and Intimacy Series

Once you obtain security and confidence, you would desire higher intimacy. To fulfill this need, Durex has specially designed Feeling and Intimacy series. This series currently consists of Durex ‘Feel Thin’ Condoms. ‘Feel Thin’ condoms provide greater feel and sensitivity during sex without compromising on high level of reassurance and protection. These condoms smell better and keeps you away from unpleasant distractions so that you can enjoy the intercourse completely.

Fun and Adventure Series

If you are not just looking for security, confidence, and intimacy during sex, Durex Fun and Adventure is introduced to provide pleasure and passion while having sex. Durex has two specially designed variants under this series known as ‘Excite Me’ and ‘Pleasure Me’. These condoms make sex more thrilling and passionate.

Performance Series

Sometimes couples are not satisfied after sex because besides security, confidence, intimacy, and pleasure, people also want their duration of intercourse to last longer. Performance Series is specially created for men who have problem of premature ejaculation. Currently Durex Extended Pleasure condoms are available under this series.

The reservoir tips of these condoms contain benzocaine to prolong ejaculation and sexual pleasure efficiently.

While using Durex condoms, if you add Durex lubricant, the condom will fully benefit you with its effects.