How good is Durex quality?

Is the quality of durex condom good


How good is Durex quality?

These days we see many brands claiming that their products are made out of best quality materials. Many products claiming to have good quality are often exposed to quality issues on TV, journals, and books. This article is intended to discuss the quality of Durex products.

How is the quality of durex products?

Durex is a world-renowned brand for sex products. People have always been concerned with the quality of products that Durex deals offers. Each batch of Durex condoms is thoroughly sampled to test its tensile properties and the air burst properties. When you choose a Durex condom, you surely get higher safety and quality standard. According to the international standard, a condom should be able to hold at least 18 liters of air during the "air burst test". HOW GOOD IS DUREX QUALITY?-1 One Durex condom normally holds more air than the international standard without breaking.

Durex samples also go through a rigorous leakage test. Condoms are filled with water to check that they do not leak. If any of the above tests is unsatisfactory, the entire batch of condoms does not get delivered.


Other tests undergone by Durex condoms are:

Electrical leakage test and air burst test. These tests are implemented to test whether there are any holes in the condom.

For leak test, the condom is filled with water and hung for a minute to check if it leaks. For air burst test, the condom is inflated like a balloon till the time it bursts. Doing this you will know about the tensile properties of the product.

Verified by the series of different tests, the quality of Durex is absolutely safe and reliable, you can be rest assured to buy Durex products.

Always choose the channels of highest credibility while buying Durex products.