New Year, New Sex Life

Make this the year of better sex with the right New Year’s resolutions

New year new sex life


The first month of the new year is a time to look back over the year gone by. It lets you assess what you did right last year, and the areas for improvement in this one. You need to assess your sex life in this way, too.

Making big changes involves making empowering, positive resolutions aimed at making this year the Year of The Best Sex Ever.

The year in review

Not many people can look back at their sex life in the previous year and claim that it was ideal.

But don’t be too harsh on yourself. If you didn’t have a very good sex year, you can have it this year. You can resolve to have sex more often and try out new things to please your partner.

New Year’s resolutions are meant to be stuck to, especially if you really want things to change.

But you have a higher chance of achieving your resolution if you make it fun and realistic.

If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will set yourself back by many steps. Instead, think of simple things to do that will make a big difference to your sex life.

Here are our suggestions…

Read all about it.

You can get in the mood for more frequent sex by reading sexy books or erotica before bed. It can even give you new ideas!

If you have any untried sex fantasies, write them down and give them to your partner to read. Ask your partner to write their fantasies as well. This is better than talking about them face to face, which can get awkward.

Spend some time being nice.

Often, couples are not in the mood for sex because they’ve been arguing, or they’ve been stressed about work and money, or because of some other issues. They’re not thinking about pleasing their partners as much as they are thinking about just going to sleep!

This year, resolve to spend some time being kind to each other, showing love and affection and working to make your relationship a richer one. This is bound to lead to great sex.

Shake up your sex routine.

If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again, it’s time for a shake-up! Have you been meaning to try something new? Maybe have sex in the shower? Do it now – there’s never been a better time!

Make this year count, especially if you’re bored of the sex routine you’ve got going at the moment.

Instead of having sex only at night, have it early in the morning. Ditch your to-do list and make time for sex in the afternoon.

Remember to flirt.

Most couples are playful and flirty when the relationship is still new. But as time passes, they get used to each other and stop being playful. This year, get back to flirting with your partner. Get this done, and the rest will follow.

You can actually make things fun when you woo your partner – send them a flirtatious text or a saucy pic of yourself, whisper a dirty suggestion in their ear or talk about sex.

Explore a new bit of each other’s body.

Sex is boring when it becomes a routine.So stop functioning on autopilot. Act like you’re exploring your partner for the first time, slowing things down and pleasing them the way they like. Play on their erogenous zones to get them going.

Try a new position.

All of us have our favourite positions, but having sex in the same pose over and over again is really boring.

Talk to your partner about spicing things up by trying a new position. Work on different positions together so that you become more confident.

Just a few changes are enough to stir up your sex life and please your partner. In turn, you will definitely have the best sex this year.

Now go ahead and make a few simple resolutions for fun and better sex – and stick to them!