The oriental and western standards of condoms

Oriental and western standard of condom


The oriental and western standards of condoms

Just like different manufacturing standards for motors in America and Japan, the standard size of condoms also vary from eastern to western countries.

There is no specific standard for the length of condoms and the condoms sold in eastern and western countries normally fit penis of all lengths. However, you should be careful about the radius of your condoms. For example, while traveling abroad, carry some condoms of your local standard size because you might feel uncomfortable wearing condoms sold in foreign countries. Therefore, to have undisturbed sex, it is better to be safe by using the condom of your comfortable size.

Talking about the condom size, it is neither the length nor the radius that matters the most. The most important thing is to enhance the security level of a condom so that it is qualified as a “secure barrier device. One major cause of contraceptive failure is incorrect application of condoms. You should wear a condom right before you insert your penis in partner’s vagina and not before the orgasm because the sperms contained in the pre-ejaculate can also result in pregnancy. Soon after the ejaculation, you should hold the condom and withdraw the penis out of your partner's vagina before it gets soft. There are chances of semen flowing into her vagina and cause pregnancy, if the penis is not withdrawn on time.

While wearing a condom, you should carefully open the package from its edge so that the condom doesn’t break. After taking the condom out, remove the air in the reservoir tip and gently roll it onto your penis until it fully covers your penis. People who prefer lubricants during sex should avoid the using chemical substances such as baby oil, lanolin, hand cream, etc. as it might increase the probability of condom breakage.

You can enjoy safe and protected sex by following simple instructions mentioned above. Condoms decrease the risk of STDs and AIDS. Condom users are usually safe from mild STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and some common STDs such as candida and trichomonas.