Pleasure Gels: More than just Lubrication

Durex pleasure gels for enhanced intimacy


The Overview

Lubrication to remove friction is an important part of sexual intercourse. It enhances sexual pleasure while also protecting the delicate sex organs. Though the vagina produces its own lubrication on sexual arousal, additional lubrication may sometimes be necessary. It is possible to use pleasure gels for anal sex as well. However, sex is not just about penetration. Pleasure gels do much more than help smooth penetration; they can also add new sensations to foreplay. They can change the way you think about sex.

Pleasure gels can introduce new vistas to sex; you can do so much simply by touching your partner with lubricated fingers. Lube can change the way you and your partner take your sex life to new heights. 

The Full Range

Now that you’ve decided to try pleasure gels, you will be surprised to find how many types there are available. The sheer variety can overwhelm you, so knowing a few things will help you in making a choice.

Lubes are in three forms: water based, oil based and silicone. Oil based lubes are more slippery, but many condoms cannot be used with them. You can try different experiences by choosing pleasure gels that offer warming, cooling or even different tastes. They bring extra zing to the bedroom, so go ahead and have fun experimenting with what’s out there and what works best.

The Bedroom Benefit

It might seem daunting to use lubes and pleasures gels, so take it slow. You can find new ways to excite and pleasure each other if you try new lubes. These unexpected sensations can add to your mood in the bedroom, and thus increase your intimacy. 

You could think about using pleasure gels after you’ve read their amazing benefits:

More comfortable: Your partner might begin to experience some discomfort if your sex session goes on for longer. Lubrication brings lost moisture back, so it is better to apply it when it gets a little dry down there. Once applied, you can go right back to where you were.

More intense: Some pleasure gels add hot sensations while others add cold ones, and these intense sensations can be a part of your regular sex life. You and your partner can feel things you’ve never felt before, discovering newer realms of pleasure together.

Reduce Friction: When friction and chafing reduces, the sexual experience can completely change for both partners. You can both move at different speeds, or graduate from slow to fast speed, and even vary the pressure and intensity of sex.

New Tastes: You or your partner may not like giving oral sex – flavoured pleasure gels can change the experience completely.

Pleasure gels are also great for long massages. You can take the time to give each other sensual rub-downs to relax and reconnect with each other – and you could even get in the mood for something else!