Position Impossible?

Different Sex Positions

Different sex positions

While classics will always be classics, there are some pretty amazing alternatives to the usual doggy and missionary sex position. Here is a list on new moves you and your partner can go for if you’re feeling adventurous.
A fair warning though, you must take it easy as there’s always a chance that you might pull a muscle or hurt your back. Also, once you're done, there's nothing wrong in giving each other a thorough rub down...


The Wallflower

As you can guess by the name here, the wallflower involves using a wall as support. The woman starts by standing next to the wall on her side with her leg raised away from it, the man supports the leg with his hands while penetrating her. He stands between her thighs, allowing the woman to achieve deeper penetration by pushing against the wall. The big advantage here is that the man’s thigh stimulate her clit by rubbing against it.

 Prima Ballerina

If the last move was a bit too complex, here’s something a little easier for you to try with your partner. A similar standing sex position, it involves the woman facing the wall. As she bends over her hands firmly stay placed on the wall while her leg is lifted. The man enters from behind holding the woman by the hips for balance. Penetration is deep and the intimacy is only enhanced by the view of each other’s bodies. It’s a position that you’re bound to enjoy.

 L is for Loving

If standing isn’t your thing, here’s a bed based position you might enjoy. As the woman lies on her bed, she raises her leg in the air as high as possible. The man sits on his knees between the woman’s legs and proceeds to penetrate. This position is easy and effective for deep penetration. If the woman gets tired of keeping her leg up straight, she may even rest it on his chest.
“L is for Loving” offers deep penetration and allows the man to caress the woman where it matters, and vice versa.


"After you've done, there's no harm in giving each other a thorough rub down."