Reveal what Durex condoms are made of?

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Reveal what Durex condoms are made of?

Even though many people use Durex condoms while having sex, they might know very less about the components of Durex condoms. Matter of fact, the components of Durex condoms consist of the raw material used to make the product itself along with additives like lubricant and suspending agent. This article focuses on introducing the components of Durex condoms.

Components of Durex condoms - Natural latex

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The chief component of Durex condoms is natural rubber latex. Durex manufacturer uses high quality natural latex to make condoms. Every manufacturer knows that high-quality products rely on excellent raw materials. Before even purchasing the raw material, every batch of latex is tested and assessed at the plantation. When the latex reaches the factory, they will be tested again. And only when the quality of latex is at par with the Durex global quality standard, will they to put to production.

All condom products strictly go through dermatological tests. International procedures and practices are implemented while manufacturing. Before shipping the final product, tests are conducted again so as to make sure that the quality matches with the international standard (for latex condoms) and the standards laid down by relevant countries. Also, the products must pass the more stringent Durex quality standard. Therefore, customers can bank on Durex products.

Components of Durex condoms - Lubricant

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In order to enhance your sexual encounter and make it more enriching, Durex condoms come with perfectly safe lubricants which is colorless and tasteless. Even if you end up using lot of lubricant, it can be easily washed off with water, enhancing your sensation in an easy way. You can relax knowing that Durex Lubricants does not harm your skin as they are water-based. For vaginal dryness problem, women can try Durex lubricants.

Components of Durex condoms - Suspending agent

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy pleasurable sex for an extended period of time. And Durex Extended Pleasure condoms has the ability to prolong the duration of sex. The reservoir tips of Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms contain suspending agent that goes by the name benzocaine, which assists in prolonging sexual pleasure. The suspending agent is approved by Food and Drug Administration.

After learning about the components of Durex condoms, couples can select the right condoms depending on their needs and rest assured. The components of Durex condoms are safe, however we must remind customers: there are very few people that might be allergic to latex. Thus, if any discomfort is felt after using the condom, the user should go and consult a doctor immediately.