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Erotic Massage Basics

Importance of Sensual Massage for Intimacy | Durex India


Giving a sensual massage is a skill worth investing time to learn. It can be used at every stage of your relationship. A head massage or a gentle foot rub can help you seduce a new partner, and lead to more intimate caresses once the connection is made. Then there is the full body massage you can give/get when the relationship is a little older. The beauty of a sensual massage is that it can relax and arouse in equal measure.

The first step is to set the room temperature to ‘warm’. You don’t want your partner to feel cold, and the only shivers they should feel must come from the massage. Once people relax, their body temperature lowers and this elicits pleasure even when both partners have their clothes on. You can cover your lover’s exposed skin with warm towels. If you are giving a full body massage, share a warm bath together first to set the mood and relax the body.

Keep the massage oil away if you are going to have sex later, because condoms can break on contact with the oil. You can use lubes designed for massage, so that your fingers can move comfortably along your partner’s skin.

Not everyone has studied massage professionally, so it is better not to press any bones or you might cause pain. Instead, you can massage the large muscles in the back, buttocks and thighs. Start with smooth 'effleurage' strokes, which are circular strokes using the fingertips or palms. If there are any tense areas, you can slowly ease them out using 'petrissage' – this kneads the muscles using the knuckles, in tight areas. Build pressure gradually, regularly checking to see if your lover is comfortable with it.

"Alternating massage with more sensual play can build a delicious tease"

Instead of administering a clinical massage, you can try alternating teasing your partner with erotic touches while also massaging them. While kneading the shoulder muscles, you can trail a finger softly down their neck. When massaging the hips, your fingers can stray to their intimate areas and make them shiver. A good super-hot move is to smear lube all over your partner, then sliding your naked body across theirs. Meanwhile, keep asking your lover if it feels good and what they want.

The most effective massages take place when you know your partner’s body well, so study their body’s anatomy and their erogenous zones. A little knowledge can give a lot of rewards.