Sex and Pregnancy

Sex and Pregnancy
Facts and fallacies

 Misconceptions about sex during pregnancy | Durex India

There’s often a sense of taboo surrounding sex during pregnancy. While many of us are misinformed, there is absolutely no harm in having a healthy sex life during the time. Here are some of the most common misconceptions people are likely to believe about the subject:

Myth 1: One shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy.

One myth many believe is that you can’t have sex during pregnancy. The truth however, if that there are no complications, one can have sex till the very last few days. Nonetheless it is imperative that you check with your doctor beforehand, just to be sure it is safe.

Myth 2: Sex can harm the baby.

As previously mentioned, sex will not harm the baby in the womb, even in missionary position. A mucus plug covering the cervix, along with muscles in the womb and the amniotic sac keep the baby protected.
Now, be careful, some positions may feel uncomfortable, and the elevated heartbeat may make the baby want to move a bit, it’s always better to take it slow. If in case of any STD or bleeding, we still advice to get in touch with your family doctor prior to engaging in sex.

Myth 3: Pregnancy can make sex painful

If everything is going fine, if the mother’s health is fine, then sex should not be a painful experience. Some women may get cramps after an orgasm, but that too is normal. To ensure a pleasurable experience, allow the woman to be in control, woman on top and doggie style can be great positions to start with. 


Myth 4: Being pregnant is a turn off.

Body image consciousness is very common at this stage in life. As the body goes through changes, it is very important for the partner to make the woman feel desirable and beautiful. While morning sickness may make you feel less likely to indulge in sex, it is not always the case… some people claim to have had the best sex of their life during pregnancy.
It is also very common for many women to feel hyper-aroursed as their bodies become more sensitive.
The key to the whole affair lies in understanding your body’s needs and do only what feels right.
At the end of the day, there are many ways one can satisfy their needs and keep the connection with their partner strong.



"There's no reason pregnancy need mean the end of your sex life."