Signs of puberty in boys

Signs of puberty in boys


Signs of puberty in boys

There isn’t an exact age for puberty to begin. Everybody is different, and thus their bodies develop differently. While some kids hit puberty at the age of 9, others start going through the process at age 14. In simple terms, puberty starts when your body is ready for developments. There are lot of signs of puberty in boys, with the obvious ones being change in voice, hair growth and the body becoming masculine and larger. Keeping reading to know more about all the changes and how to deal with it.

Majority of boys hit puberty between the age of 10 and 12 years. Early changes that can you can expect include: penis growth, testicle growth and the growth of pubic hair around the penis and testicles. These changes don’t happen all at once, they can happen till the age of 20 and it gets divided into various stages

Initial signs of puberty in boys

The initial signs include growth of testicles and pubic hair. During the onset, the testicles grow to about 4 millimeters and at full sexual maturity, they grow to reach 25 millimeters. Boys and girls develop differently and the time taken for a guy to reach sexual maturity differs from one boy to another. While some boys achieve full sexual maturity in a matter of two and a half years, other boys may take up to 6 years.

Physical Changes

Majority of changes that occur during puberty is physical. To start with, boys experience growth spurts and their bodies start developing extremely fast. The height that a boy achieves by the end of puberty depends on factors like genetics and general height of rest of the family members. Majority of boys experience pains in their legs and arms and this can be really discomforting. The reason for the same being, bones grow faster than the muscles. Some boys will experience a bit of swelling in the breast region, especially under the nipples and this could make it look like a breast. But don’t fret, it is fatty tissue and it is a temporary development. Boys In puberty will begin to experience sweat under their arms, with the sweat smelling different. A boy would have to use a deodorant or take a shower to get rid of the smell. During puberty, the voice of the boy will become deeper and it may end up cracking sometimes. You will also notice hair growth on your face

Emotional development

Boys in puberty experience more sexual urges and thoughts. This is when they start getting attracted to girls and other boys. Majority of the boys meet their first crush at this stage and start developing intense feelings towards them. This period is also filled with mood swings. At one moment you would experience elevated feelings, and in the next you would find yourself in a bad mood.

Sexual development

Boys would experience erection during puberty, and this happens when penis gets filled with blood, thus hardening it. Boys will also experience wet dreams, which is also called as nocturnal emissions. This is different than peeing in your bed and it happens when semen in discharged from the penis when it is erect. The process is known as ejaculation and it occurs a lot in puberty when a boy is asleep.