The efficiency of condoms in keeping pregnancy at bay

The efficiency of condoms in keeping pregnancy at bay

The efficiency of condoms in keeping pregnancy at bay | Durex India


Pregnancy is a blissful feeling when you are expecting it and when you are ready for it. Otherwise, unexpected pregnancy can be really affect your present and future in irreversible ways. Couples who are not ready for parenthood use every type of protection and contraception to avoid pregnancy.

When we talk about protection,condoms are the first thing that crosses our mind. But how efficient is a condom when it comes to protecting us from unwanted pregnancy. Read on to know more about condoms and the important questions that is related to its usage.

Will condoms prevent pregnancy?

This question is very relative. Condoms are highly efficient when it comes to preventing both STDs and pregnancy. Following the right instructions and using it every time you indulge in vaginal, oral, and anal sex reduces the chances of you giving or getting STDs.

Let us understand how effective a condom is when it comes to pregnancy.

If you use condoms the way it is instructed every time you have sex, they can be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. However, people aren’t that perfect, so in reality condoms are only about 82% effective – which suggests that about 18 out of 100 people who rely on condom as their only birth control method will end up pregnant each year.

The more you know about using condoms effectively, the better they’ll work. However, there is a slim chance that you will get pregnant even if you use them the right way.

Want additional protection from pregnancy? Consider alternate options like IUDs and implants.

How to improve the efficiency of condoms?

The best way to get the maximum out of a condom is by using them as directed every time you have vaginal oral and anal sex. This would mean wearing the condom at all times, from start to finish. Ensure that the condom is rolled perfectly on your penis before you indulge in skin-to-skin genital contact.

If you are a person who is paranoid enough to ask the will condoms prevent pregnancy question again, then we suggest using condoms along with another form of birth control. Birth control pills, IUD and shot is a great way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. You can also go with the pulling out method while wearing a condom to keep the sperm out of vagina thus lowering the risk of pregnancy.