Things To Know Before Buying A Condom

things to know before buying condom


Things To Know Before Buying A Condom

When it comes to things such as physical pleasure or sexual intercourse, one always wants it to be the best of the experiences of their life. And why not? This is a process of lovemaking with that special one or just taking care of your needs, wants, or desires. Hence, the eternal question has been that do condoms help in enhancing the pleasure? If yes, then which condoms are better for lovemaking?

Many times couples fail to prevent pregnancy while they are addressing their physical needs. Thus, condoms have been the best way of prevention. The next question that arises is - which would be the most suitable condom to pick?

Below are some quick pointers to check before you buy a condom. Read on, you can thank us later.

Classification of condoms

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Before you move on to purchase condoms, it is crucial to understand the basics of it. Condoms are classified into regular condoms, extra-thin condoms, dotted condoms, ribbed condoms, and many more. The extra-thin ones are explicitly designed to reduce the discomfort during the act. Over the years, and with the help of modern techniques these condoms have become more user-friendly without having to compromise on its quality. The usual inconveniences or discomforts that would cause earlier has been addressed efficiently. Now, the user won't feel its presence even. The dotted and the ribbed condoms were designed primarily to enhance the pleasure through the means of friction.


Apart from prevention, condoms usually tend to be a hindrance while you are getting intimate with your partner. The characteristics of the latex material are a tad dicey to handle when crafted into a dotted and ribbed texture. Hence, the safest way to go about using a condom is to buy a plain one which is more reliable and secure than the ribbed or dotted.

Agents for condoms

Another essential component of condoms is to know if the agents of the condoms are proper.

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Right from the selection of the raw materials to the actual production, Durex ensures control and thorough analysis over the entire process. Known for using only the finest latex to produce condoms, Durex condoms spell quality. Their set procedures involve analyzing and checking the raw materials at the plantation before the purchase. The latex is passed through a series of tests before it is transferred to the storage. Having carried out this procedure successfully, the finest quality of raw material is then ready for production.