Want to have sex on your period? Go for it!

Want to have sex on your period go for it


Sex During Periods

Period sex is hardly the gross, unhygienic act that most women – and men – think it is. In fact, it can actually help the women feel better on her period.

Having a period every month is a reality in every woman’s life. But it is also a time of uncertainty for her partner – the few days leading up to it are fraught with mood swings and bloating, so she’s going to be pretty edgy and it’s best not to annoy her. Then when the period starts, the woman feels  tired and icky all the time and can’t wait for the period to end. But a menstrual period is a natural bodily process for women, and it should not stall their normal lives in any way. Unless they suffer from an extremely painful, heavy period, a woman can go to work, go swimming or running, eat what she wants, go out partying – and have sex .

That’s right – period sex is a thing, and it is a glorious, wonderful thing as well! Most people – both women and men – are grossed out by the idea of having sex during the period. But period sex can actually help a woman feel much better. If this has got you thinking, allow us to offer you some period sex tips –

1 -  Just do it.  Period sex is hardly as messy as you believe it will be – menstrual blood flows over a matter of four to five days, to a total volume of about 45 ml. Now think about how little blood flows out per minute, and how much time you need to have sex. If you are worried about blood flowing on to the sheets, just lay an old top sheet or blanket on the bed before you start.

2 -  It’s just blood, so relax.  Women, you need to consider this – does your guy ejaculate inside you? He does, so it means that you are fine with his bodily fluids being ejected inside you. So why should either of you be squeamish about your bodily fluid – menstrual blood – coming on his penis? It’s just blood, and he can easily wash it away.

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3 -  Period sex feels great.  An orgasm can alleviate her painful cramps and feelings of nausea. They are a natural pain killer – and they are better than taking a painkiller tablet! The woman also sleeps better after period sex.

4 -  Period sex makes her feel sexy.   A woman may be cranky and bloated during her period, so having sex can actually make her feel sexy and special. This is a period sex tip for men: do NOT comment on her period at all. Cuddle her, be gentle and don’t forget to tell her how hot she makes you.

5 -  She’s more aroused during this time.   Periods can make a woman really horny, and the best part is, the orgasms contract her uterus and make the menstrual blood flow out more. Though there is no research to back this, it could actually mean that period sex may shorten her period!