Which condoms are better?

How condom works


Which condoms are better?

Since there are a plethora of condoms in the market, the customers may get confused trying to figure out a suitable one. The brand Durex has carved a good reputation for itself in the sex product industry. In this article we are going to shed light on how to select the right condom for yourself.

Do not use ultra-thin condoms if you generally ejaculate in a very short time

The thickness of the condom plays an important role when it comes to the psychological state of men. More the thickness of a condom, less would be the sensitivity that your penis would feel during sex. And the man would feel upset thinking that he and his partner lack proximity.

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A comparison of thickness

Majority of condom users are highly fond of thin condoms as they believe wearing a thick condom is like “scratching an itch through one’s boot.” It is of utmost importance to men that their condom should be thin. So, the thickness of a condom highly depends on the appealing factor. We tend to go with the Vernier caliper as the measuring tool. However as the condom was too thin to be directly measured, we folded it twice (and got eight layers) and divided the reading of thickness by 8 to understand the appropriate thickness of a single layer.

A comparison of performance

It has been observed in many online reviews we received that besides the difference between basic parameters, whether it is an extra-thin condom, extra-lube and extra-soft also plays as a major factor in customers’ choice of condoms. These are vital indicators of the comfort level offered by a condom. Extra-thin means that the condom is much thinner than a standard one; extra-lube means that there is higher content of lubricant in the condom; and extra-soft can be confirmed by stretching the condom or adding water into it.

Every condom by Durex is electronically tested. Electronic testing keeps an eye out for holes or other defects in the condoms so as to make sure that there are no air hole thus effectively decreasing the risk of AIDS and pregnancy. Furthermore, in the course of new product development, every final Durex condom is dermatologically tested to make sure that they offer a high level of security and protection to the customers.