Which condoms work during sex?

Which condoms work best


Which condoms work during sex?

Get a load of this. A study revealed that the reason a lot of men don’t prefer wearing condom during sex is because condoms make them feel uncomfortable. With a plethora of condoms available, finding a suitable on is crucial. Which condoms work?

Do not use extra-thin condoms if you generally ejaculate in a very short time

The thickness of a condom has immense psychological effect on men. The more the thickness of a condom, the lesser would be sensitivity felt during sex. This would lead to the man feeling disappointment thinking that he and his partner lack passion. Nowadays condoms are available in three typed: extra-thin condoms, thin condoms and regular condoms. For those men who have passed their prime and who tend to ejaculate in a short time or can’t control themselves, thick condoms are recommended, which are helpful in delaying ejaculation and prolonging lovemaking.

Tips for condom users

You should wear a condom once your penis is completely erect, otherwise there will be wrinkles on the condom and there are more chances of it slipping off. Also, if the foreplay goes on for a long time after putting on the condom, the condom might end up becoming dry and you’ll find it harder to insert your penis inside a woman’s vagina. So it is suggested that you wear a condom after you and your partner are both turned on after the foreplay. Make sure the part that is supposed to be unrolled is on the outside.

Use superior condoms

Lastly, buy good quality condoms. Don’t end up buying cheap ones just to save money. Good quality condoms are usually produced in sanitary production conditions. Durex has strictly controlled production line and hygiene production environment. We highly suggest Durex Apple Condoms.

According to the staff at QA, Durex condoms are all made out of quality natural latex. The latex is strictly tested and assessed on rubber plantation before purchase. Once the latex arrives at the factory, it is tested again. Only when the quality of latex is equal to the global quality standard does it get put in condom production.

Apart from improving the flexibility of the condoms, which is about making them more resilient, there are various lab tests that is conducted on the latex. During this process, real-time monitoring and sampling rules are strictly performed so as to assure the quality of liquid rubber. Moreover, to ensure that the condoms meet the health standards and does not harm the customers’ health, all finished condoms are dermatologically tested.