Which type of Durex condoms is best for you?

which type of condoms are easy to use


Which type of Durex condoms is best for you?

With ever evolving development of science and technology, condom has become a necessity of your sex life. Condoms are becoming more diverse with new innovations and concepts, but this might create a confusion among couples about, ‘Which type of Durex condoms is best for us?’ Now the answer to this really depends on your particular need. For condom as a product, any type is easy to use provided it has good contraceptive effect. Different people have different reviews concerning the other functions of condom apart from contraception.

For the young

Durex Play Combo Kit for enhanced pleasure | Durex India

What most of the young people want is more intimate and passionate sex life. Thus, they can choose ‘Fun and Adventure’ range of Durex which is specially designed for passionate youngsters. Durex ‘Excite Me’ and ‘Pleasure Me’ condoms aim to provide a smooth and more pleasurable sex to young people. The ‘excite me’ range has Durex ‘Taste Me Apple’ condoms that offer the fun and fragrance of apple flavor that adds a dash of excitement to young couples during sex. Durex ‘Pleasure Me’ condoms ensure stimulation to young couples with raised dots and unique ribs.

For couples who reunite after a brief parting

Durex invisible condoms | Durex India

Many people believe that a reunion after a parting is as good as a honeymoon. Couples reuniting after a brief parting are in a need of intimate sex experience. Durex Feel Thin condoms will ensure you with contraceptive safety without compromising intimate physical touch. They are comparatively thinner than other standard latex condoms and these super thin condoms are designed to provide greater sensitivity. This will provide natural and intimate sensations, which will further satisfy reunited couples.

There are many other types of Durex condoms and to know which one is best for you, you will have to try them and decide your preference first.