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Common Female Insecurities

Common Female Insecurities


Every woman in the world has personal insecurities and body image issues, no matter how confident she seems. The following are some of the most common concerns women have.

Breast size: Are your breasts too small? Too big? Lopsided? The mass media portrays women as big breasted glamazons, but most women in real life do not have breasts that look like that. Being confident about your breasts is far sexier than aiming for that plastic-is-fantastic ideal. A guy playing with your body is more likely to be thinking, ‘Woo hoo, boobs!’ than judging you about their size, shape and overall appearance. If you love your body, others will too. Just ensure that you wear the right fitting bra to offer the support your breasts need.

Body issues: The popular ideal for women’s beauty comes from the media, and it’s impossible for many women to live up to the ‘slim, no lumps and bumps, no cellulite, impossibly small hips and waist’ ideal. Just remember that a woman with a real body and who is happy with herself is far sexier than a 'flawless' one who is obsessed with perfection. Accept your body the way it is. Being healthy should be the ideal, and not looking like a glamour model to feel attractive.

Performance: This is an area of worry for most women – ‘am I good in bed?’ It is good to learn new skills and hone the ones you already possess, but do remember that sex is a two-way street. Keep talking to your partner and share what you like in bed. It can be hard to climax if you’re nervous about displeasing them, so don’t feel guilty about it. And if your partner finds it hard to get an erection or comes too quickly, don’t blame yourself for it either. Even men battle insecurities, and this takes a toll on sex. The problem may be a minor one that goes away if you don’t make a big deal out of it. But if it happens again and again, for either of you, then it means something’s wrong.

"Being healthy is great but you don't need to look like a celeb to be attractive."