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“You Just Don't Turn Me On.”

Sexual worries for her

Sexual worries for her


Sex can be glorious, or it can be ruined by personal insecurities. Women, particularly, are prone to more pressure about their bodies because of the intense pressure on them to look 'perfect'. However, a partner will always pick up on your confidence, and not even notice how you look, if you are in tune with your needs and are confident about your sexuality. Your partner can actually find you sexy if you are not hung up on your insecurities – and this translates into a great sex life.. Here are some common concerns women have about their bodies.

“Will my lover like my body?” Porn films often depict women of a certain stereotype: big breasted, fake tanned and impossibly slim. But people find many body types sexy. Being insecure about a thick waist or small breasts will put off your partner more than a bit of cellulite ever will. Just accept your body for what it is and understand that your partner is too busy enjoying you in bed to focus on the parts of you that you hate.

“Do I turn him on?” It is important to remember that a man facing erection issues is not turned off by his partner, nor is he always in the mood for sex. If your lover isn’t able to perform in bed or if he says he doesn’t want to have sex tonight, it could be something to do with him and not you. He could just be tired or suffering the effects of a poor lifestyle. So if he is not able to perform, don’t judge him or yourself harshly. Accept that he is bound to have performance issues sometimes, and that it is okay. If it happens all the time, gently encourage him to see a doctor. Meanwhile, he can use his mouth and hands to pleasure you. Or you can help him out by pleasuring him or even using a sex toy.

“Am I tight enough” Many men worry about the size and girth of their penises, and many women worry that they are not ‘toned’ enough down there to satisfy the man. The vagina can become a little loose after childbirth, but regular Kegel exercises will help correct the problem. They also help in arousal and boosting your chances of a stronger orgasm.

“Will my lover enjoy it?” Instead of guessing what your partner might like, why not just ask him? Every man has his own sexual preference. Why stop at asking, tell him to show you what he likes. He will be happy to know that you care enough about him to know what turns him on and makes him come.

“Do I taste OK?” Many women would love to receive oral sex but they are insecure about how they taste and whether their partner will be put off by the experience. The partner may also be a bit squeamish about it. You can allay both your concerns by first showering together and cleaning your intimate areas thoroughly. Oral sex can be really pleasurable if the woman is clean and free of STIs.

"Being insecure will have much more of a negative effect on sex than a bit of cellulite."