Your Ultimate Guide to Pleasure Gels

Guide to Pleasure Gels - Durex India


Your Ultimate Guide to Pleasure Gels

Lubrication isn’t just something you use to make sex physically easier: it is also a way to enhance your pleasure during sex. You can even use it during foreplay or when you’re just making out. You can feel a range of different sensations with pleasure gels – they can cool you or warm you up! There are so many types of gels you can try that it may take a while to find your absolute favourite. Meanwhile, you can read our recommendations for a few new ideas for sex, using different kinds of pleasure gels.


Warming lubes and pleasure gels give a warm sensation to the skin. Warmth can have an arousing effect, particularly when it is gently rubbed on by your partner. Only a little quantity is enough to begin with, so go slow. If you have a little experience with these gels, you could try blowing on it for a new sensation. The cool air contrasts with the warmth and makes for a really intense sensation.


Some lubes provide a cooling sensation. This might sound odd – after all, sex is supposed to be hot and intense – but the cool feeling can send shivers down your spine and make your toes curl. We recommend using cooling gel during foreplay, and never mind if you are a bit put off by applying cooling gel in the middle of sex. After all, what is romance without some experimentation?


Flavoured pleasure gels add taste to regular sex, and make the oral sex experience a better, more intense one. Flavoured gels are meant to provide a different smell and taste than the ones you get with regular sex. Try Durex flavoured pleasure gel which comes in many fruity flavours. They taste great and are water soluble; try tasting some before you actually use it during sex.


Though not as famous as its flavoured cousins, Durex Sensilube is a more intimate lube designed for those who experience dryness during sex. Sensilube prevents chafing and friction, and helps both partners relax during sex. It becomes one with the body’s pH levels and adapts to the body temperature. Plus, it is gentle on the intimate area, so you can enjoy each other to the fullest.

Durex lubes are condom friendly, so you can go ahead and apply some on the condom and get on with it. Most of them are water soluble as well, so they are easy to wash off and they won’t stain your clothes.