For singles: New things to try during confinement to connect with yourself

Self Love Ideas during Confinement

The current lockdown has made quite an impact on us all in many ways. However, it’s all the singles among us, who have felt it the most, as this lockdown has forced us to put some of our plans on hold. Socialising and travel plans have gone for a toss. But, on the bright side, this home-confinement has given us all a chance for some quality ‘me’ time. While some have taken to yoga, cooking, journaling, or even meditation; many have taken this time to explore the art of self-loving. Since life has become a bit difficult with having to do everything at home, work or stress or emotional imbalance can keep you from focusing on your ‘me’ time.

Thankfully, this confinement period also provides you an opportunity to focus on your needs. While feelings of anxiety may hit you, now and then, you must remain kind to yourself. This pandemic is sudden, and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of dealing with it. Nevertheless, what you can do is listen to your desires.

So, if you are up for exploring the art of self-loving, this article is for you. Below we have listed down six tips that will make your time of self-loving more enjoyable.

  1. Take care of your emotions:

Given your hectic schedules, you practically rush to finish one thing to get to another. And, in this whole chaos, many forget to attend to their emotions. This lockdown has brought with it an opportunity for you to take care of your emotions and mental health. So, use this time to check in with yourself, now and then. Include self-love in your schedule. You could do this during the key hours in the day such as during early mornings when you wake up or mid-morning or early afternoon, any time that works for you. Setting reminders can help too. It will give you some time to sit back and re-evaluate your priorities and focus on them.

  1. Create a balance:

Work from home comes with its own set of challenges and demands. One of them is productivity. It is obvious that you are expected to put in more hours and up your daily tasks during this lockdown. But, there can be times when you may feel uninspired. And, social media is no respite. The constant updates from peers and family members about the different activities they are partaking in can make you feel a bit unproductive. You may want to binge-watch some series, movies, or just have a lazy day and guess what - that’s completely OK. You can use this time to attend to your emotions, no matter what they are, and work with them.

Some classify certain activities that you do for your happiness as ‘guilty’ pleasures. But why should you be guilty of something so harmless such as self-loving that gives you pleasure? So, keep that phone aside and stop ogling at how amazing other people’s lives are. If you want to work on yourself, embrace what makes you happy.

  1. Ditch the screen:

During this lockdown, it’s even more crucial that you shut down your laptop, occasionally. Technology comes with its upsides – especially for those who are dating – and helps you stay connected with your loved ones. However, in hindsight, you become constantly connected with society’s stressors. So, slice out some time and go on a digital detox. You could use this time to do things that make you happy or to take long baths or experience self-love with certain lubricants or simply just rest. It is said that the circadian rhythm is predominantly sensitive to blue light. Therefore, turning off the screen before you hit the bed can help you improve your sleep quality.

  1. Explore yourself:

Both – emotionally and physically. While many may think self-loving is physical, it is actually an equal mix of the emotional and physical aspects. Therefore, taking note of your mental state, desires, and needs can help you enhance your time alone. It also gives more space to explore the act of self-loving better. In case, you wish to explore the art of self-loving more using lubes or massage oils can help you have a better experience.

  1. Create your version of ‘me’ time:

As your overall mood plays a vital role during intimacy, it has the same effect on your ‘me’ time as well. Hence, a bit of setting will help you have a great time during your self-loving session. You can use anything you find in your cabinet, from candles to soft cushions, to help you relax. Also, if you like to explore, messaging oils, lubricants, and gels can make your time more enjoyable. You can also change or try different rooms and settings for your ‘me’ time. Like, along with the bedroom, the bathroom can also be a great place to explore what gives you pleasure.

  1. Journal it:

And lastly, write down your feelings, thoughts, or just about anything. Journaling works brilliantly when you have to address extreme emotions such as happiness, frustration, love, and even anger. Write down exactly how you are experiencing these emotions, how you are dealing with it, what you would rather do in the current situation, or whatever you think should be expressed during your day. Journaling helps a great deal in self-evaluation. You can even pen down your experiences while exploring self-love. Write down the pre and post self-love emotions. Pen what and how you felt about using a certain lube, did it enhance the overall experience, etc.

Take this time of quarantine to get in touch with your inner self. Communicating is a huge part of self-development and enriching your life. This lockdown is the perfect time to explore different horizons of your physical and mental self. It is also a good time to make yourself your priority.

The blog is based on author's opinion and references taken from available literature on websites and journals