How To Use Durex Lubricant In 10 Surprising Ways


How To Use Durex Lubricant In 10 Surprising Ways

Want a game-changing sex hack that will amplify pleasure in the bedroom? All you need is a bottle of sex lubricant!

Lubricants aren’t just for vaginal dryness; they are the best-kept secret for having fantastic sex. From reducing friction during penetrative sex to lowering the risk of STIs, lubricants get your sex life going in more ways than you can imagine.

If you’re new to the world of Durex Lubes, you’ll soon learn that there are many types of lubricants as there are exciting ways to use them during sex. Keep reading to learn creative and unexpected ways to spice up your sex life with lube.

How To Use Durex Lubricant Gel For Penetrative Sex

Step 1: Check for compatibility

Before anything else, make sure to read the specific product guidelines to check if the lubricant is compatible with the kind of sex you are having!

All Durex lubricants are formulated to go well with condoms. However,  silicone-based lubricants should never be used with silicone massagers (but they are compatible with other devices like vibrating rings). Meanwhile, water-based lubricants can be used for all kinds of massagers.


Step 2: Warm it up

For starters, you can begin by warming up the lube to match your body temperature before use. Slather a few drops and rub both your hands to warm it up.

Step 3: Apply generously and reapply as needed

The slippery secret to lubricant is to apply a generous amount. Too much lube feels more delicious than too little!

Apply the lubricant directly to your partner’s genitals or anus. Use your fingers to spread it around and ensure complete coverage. The lubricant’s wetness doesn’t last forever, so don’t be afraid to pause and reapply as needed.

10 Creative Ways To Use Durex Lubricating Gel

Durex Lube

There is no ‘one’ right way to use lubricant. You can apply it in many ways to have slippery and sloppy fun. If you need some inspiration, here are 10 creative ways to get the most out of your lube adventure.

1. Slip and slide for smooth anal play

Backdoor penetration can be painful due to high friction. It is caused by a lack of natural lubrication down there. Don’t let friction be a spoiler- Lube up before penetration to make a slippery slide in and dive into your wild fantasies. A little extra lube can never go wrong!

2. Use lube for a slicker handjob

Send your partner over the edge with a slick handjob. Slather your hands with lube and start from the base with interlacing fingers. The wetter, the better! Add some extra drops while you finish up with a twist around the ridge. Lube levels the pleasure quotient during a handy and feels as frisky as a blowjob.

3. Keep lube handy for a sensual rimming

Never, ever skimp on lube if you are in for an erotic rimming session. Level up the analingus sensation for everyone involved by using lube on the inner thighs, perineum and anus. Of course, it gets brownie points if the lube is flavourful as, hey, we all enjoy a delightful treat!

4. Lube up your pleasure devices for erotic ‘me time’

Planning to get frisky with your pleasure devices? Keep the friction away! Roll lubed-up massagers on your nipples, vulva and inner thighs or smear lube all over the device before penetration to glide into a pleasure ride.

As a bonus tip: dial up the sensations with some Durex Intense Lube, a unique lubricant that offers warm, cool, and tingling sensations.

Durex Intense lube

5. Give an intimate and relaxing massage

There is no such thing as ‘too much’ lube. Dab a large chunk of lube over the erogenous zones of the body for an electrifying massage. Start out with a refreshing back massage and move onto the inner thigh before going down on your partner.

We recommend the Durex Guarana Massage 2-in-1 Lubricant for unforgettable foreplay that can smoothly transition to the main event.


6. Take protected sex up a notch by using lube inside condom

If you think condoms take away too much of the sensations, bring in your new slick friend - lube! Place 3 drops of lube inside the condom before penetrative sex and let the magic unfold. Lube levels up the slippery sensations for both you and your partner without any hitch.

7. Savour a delicious blowjob with flavoured lubricant

Even the finest of us have dry mouths occasionally! Try applying a flavoured lubricant gel to your partner's shaft and your upper lip for unlocking frictionless wild fantasies. Cover your lower teeth with your tongue and layer your upper lip around the upper set of teeth for an incredible BJ.

Durex Play Cherry lube

8. Use lube to amp up a supercharged cunnilingus

Bring in lube to set the rhythm for something that is going to last long. Let your tongue do the tricks while your partner's special spots are stimulated with the slipperiness of lube. You can use flavoured lubes to stimulate the clitoris while you enjoy the treat and keep going long.


9. When in mood for a quickie, try lube to level up solo play

You heard that right! Even the way to pleasure yourself can be made more enjoyable by adding some lube to the solo ride. Apply a few drops of lubricant gel to your finger before you start touching yourself. Relax and follow those arousing sensations to reach multiple explosive orgasms.

10. Lube up to stimulate a sensual fingering

Prepping up to reach out to the right spots seamlessly? Apply lubricant gel on your fingertips and your partner's vulva and clitoris to set out on the journey of pleasure. Slide your fingers in a rotating motion and you can simultaneously use your thumb to make circular motions on your partner's clitoris.



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