History of Durex

Durex has made a lot of history over the past 102 years. Learn about the company from 1915 through to the present day here.

1915 - Founded

The London Rubber Company was founded by LA Jackson, selling imported condoms and barber shop supplies


The London Rubber Company (LRC) registers Durex brand


Durex releases its first lubricated condom


Durex is the first brand to develop and use electronic testing


The world's first anatomically shaped condom is released by Durex


Durex is the world's first condom brand to advertise in many countries


Durex is the first condom brand to adopt a Global "seal of quality" as standard


Durex introduces a range of colored and flavored condoms


Durex is the first condom brand to launch a website

Now we have 42 different sites for the countries we market in


Durex introduces non-latex condoms: The Avanti Range, which uses a new non-allergenic material - synthetic polyurethane developed by Durex that is softer and more elastic than natural rubber latex in


Durex is the first condom company to conduct and publish a global survey n.


Durex introduces Pleasuremax: The ultimate pleasure condom for both partners, making Durex the first condom brand to market a condom that combines ribbed and dotted textures with shape, to maximize simulation for both partners


Durex supports groundbreaking social program to promote gender equity in Brazil 'Program H' This is followed by further projects in India


Durex launches an exciting range of Play® lubricants


Durex Network launches the Face of Global Sex reports that explore the aspects of human sexual behavior and are produced primarily to inform academics and policy


To promote safe sex for young people, Durex called for young people between the ages of 16-24 to design a unique sexual health poster - a poster designed by them, for them


Durex turns 80!


Durex supported the Condomize! initiative of The United Nations Populations Fund, at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna by donating 220,000 condoms