Are you down to have a good time?

Head downtown with your partner as this game is all about your mouth and tongue exploring new depths and heights of pleasure. Oralicious invites you to leave your hands at the door and let your lips do the exploring.

Durex Play Kit - Spice It Up

Oralicious takes you on an adventure where you ‘taste’ and ‘tantalise’ each other as you move around the board. Get ready to exercise your mouth, kissing, licking and sucking your way to a climactic finish, where the pleasure is all yours.

An immersive experience awaits you as you lay the board and get together with your partner. With every dice roll, unfold the cards to know your act. As you taste each other, continue to level up as you explore the three levels, each more tempting than the last.

Roll the Spice Dice when prompted to pick a prop and make way for a happy ending!

It’s time to set the table! It’s time to play the game of Oralicious!

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Get the Inside Scoop: Durex Oralicious FAQs

A: The Durex Playthings Oralicious Board Game is an intimate game designed for couples to take their oral pleasure from good to great. The game is all about kissing, licking, and sucking your way through different acts to a climactic finish. The game includes dedicated cards for both partners, Spice Dice to add props to your acts, and three levels of play, each more tempting than the last.

A: This board game is perfect for couples who love to eat out while staying in—the game for couples who love immersive foreplay which is all about enjoying oral pleasure and making it your main course for the evening.

A: ○ Set the board, the deck of cards and the pawns and get together with your partner
○ Roll the dice to move around the board and uncover new acts from the corresponding levels
○ Immerse your senses as you kiss, lick, and suck your way through the acts
○ Play through three levels, each adding more excitement till you can’t resist your partner anymore
○ Roll the Spice Dice when prompted to add an exciting prop to your play

A: The game has three levels of play:
Level 1: Tease to Please: For the slow and sensual beginnings, to tease your partner
Level 2: Get down to it: Get wild and get down to business with this level
Level 3: HEave Big O: Seal the Deal. Get your Happy Ending!

A: The game includes Spice Dice which prompts you to pick a prop, adding an extra element of fun and excitement to your experience. Useful items to bring to the game include flavoured lube, small food items (cherries, strawberries or similar), ice cubes, fizz to drink, a blindfold and handcuffs.

A: The Durex Playthings Oralicious Board Game can be enjoyed multiple times, offering new experiences every time you come together to play. The variety of acts and levels ensures a fresh and exciting experience every time.

A: All Durex orders are shipped in plain, unmarked packaging to ensure complete discretion. There will be no mention of Durex or the nature of the product on the outside of the package.

A: Delivery times vary depending on your location. Typically, orders are delivered within 2-5 business days.

A: The Durex Playthings Oralicious Board Game is exclusively available only on the official Durex Website. Simply place your orders with us and we will ensure it gets delivered to you in no time.