Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa


Where do babies come from? “What is a condom” These are questions we all had as kids, but were they answered correctly?

Durex & Y-Films present Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa. An original web series that encourages Papas to have ‘The Talk’ with their kids and answer their sex questions in a way they understand.

To spread the message of safe sex, we’re donating a condom to the Family Planning Institute of India for every share of the episodes.

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Playing with yourself is….? Watch Papa answer Pappu’s questions about masturbation and don’t forget to share it with a papa you know



Bacche kaise paida hote hai”? Watch this Papa’s smart reply to every curious child’s question. Don’t forget to share it with a papa you know.



Is it a candy or a balloon? Share the episode and clear every Pappus’ misconception about condoms.



Pappu finds out the difference between a napkin and a sanitary napkin. Watch this episode.



How will you react if your father asked you questions about homosexuality? Watch the hilarious season finale and don’t forget to share!