Durex Real Feel - 10 Condoms, 10s(Pack of 1)

Rs. 550.00


  • REAL FEEL: Designed to offer an intimate skin-on-skin feels. 
  • LATEX-FREE: Made from polyisoprene, these latex-free condoms provide a natural feel.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF PROTECTION: Designed to provide the same high level of security and protection with greater sensitivity.
  • DUREX QUALITY: Durex is the most trusted brand in the world. Every single one of our products is electronically inspected for holes and imperfections using only fine-quality raw materials.
  • DISCREET DELIVERY: Shop from the Durex Official Website and get it discreetly delivered to your doorsteps.

For the first time ever, enjoy intimate skin-on-skin feels with Durex. Introducing an all-new Durex Real Feel condom that is made from advanced latex-free material and provides an all-natural feel. Maximise your and your partner's pleasure through the combination of intimacy, sensitivity and connectivity. Enjoy a skin-like feeling with extra thin latex that won't let anything get between you and your partner. Additionally, the condoms smell better, which helps you avoid unpleasant distractions and enjoy your time with them. Durex condoms are dermatologically tested to ensure strength and protection.

Please Note: 

  • Pre-orders for Durex Real Feel condoms will be shipped after mid-January.
  • Durex India will entertain only pre-paid orders on Real Feel condoms.

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What Makes It Exciting?

Let nothing come between you and your partner, and enjoy skin-on-skin feels with Durex Real Feel condoms.


Skin-on-skin feels: Made from polyisoprene, Durex Real Feel condoms offer skin-like softness.


Latex-free condoms: Durex India’s first ever latex-free, non-rubber condoms that are super soft on skin.





What is polyisoprene?

Polyisoprene condoms are latex-free, super soft material that feels comfortable on skin.


Can I shop for condoms and play cards separately?

The products in this box cannot be purchased individually on Durex India’s website.


Can I order more than 1 pack of Real Feel condoms?

Yes. You can order more than one pack of Real Feel condoms from Durex India’s website. 


Can I get a refund or return this product? 

This product falls under our non-refundable/ non-returnable category.


Do you offer Cash on Delivery for Real Feel condoms?

No cash on delivery is available for Durex Real Feel condoms. Durex is currently accepting only prepaid orders on Real Feel condoms.


Will the delivery box show details of what’s inside?

Absolutely not! All our boxes are packed without any labels or packaging, and every order is delivered discreetly, so even your delivery person won’t know what’s inside!


Do the condoms have an expiry date?

Yes! Every condom has a shelf life of 3 years.