5 easy and fun things you can do for him

5 easy and fun things you can do for him

Sex Moves and Tricks That Men Love 

Your lover will be left astonished and gratified if you spring these 5 excellent moves on him.

The mass media has us all believe that making love to a man is easy – they make men out to be perpetually ready for sex, and able to come in an instant. But the truth is, a man needs as much care and attention to be brought into the right mood, and a little variety now and then can really spice things up for him.

Try these 5 sex moves for him if you want to make your sex life even more interesting than it already is:

1 - Go down on him. Every guy loves oral sex, but you must know how to give him a mind-blowing blow job. Some women suck long and hard, but that only makes the guy really uncomfortable. Be gentle, and use your lips and tongue in tandem with your hands. Once he starts quivering and moaning, you know you’re doing it right – go a little faster and maintain the intensity till he comes.

2 - Pull out Kegel moves in the middle of the act.   So he is inside you and the two of you are coasting along nicely. Suddenly, you bust out the best sex move for him ever – you do a Kegel on him while he is still thrusting. It feels like a sudden hug on his penis and it is the last thing he expected! His mind will be completely blown.

3 - Kiss his lower abdomen.  Though guys love to be stroked and licked, there is one area of their body that even they may not know is really sensitive to light kissing. We’re talking about his lower abs. When he is in the throes of passion, kiss him softly (using butterfly kisses) on his lower abs till you feel him squirming with pleasure. He will even sigh or moan as you continue, but do not hover over the same spot for more than a few seconds. 

4 - Knead his glutes.    Your guy could carry a lot of tension in his glutes and lower back, and there’s no sexier move for him when you flip him over and firmly massage the glute area. Ball your hands into fists and knead them into the glutes till the pressure eases and pleasure sets in. Once he is truly relaxed, you can now begin to stroke his shaft and make him gasp with pleasure.

5 - Snap into some role play. If you ask him about his favourite fantasy, he will most probably name some sci-fi  character or a film heroine. You can drive him wild by dressing up like the character he names, and taking your night of passion to an altogether different level. Insist that he calls you by that character’s name, and give him a character name too – this will double the fun!