The Durex condom range explored

Condom types

The Durex condom range explored

Condoms are not just about contraception – different materials and textures mean you can have that extra wow-factor in the bedroom!

Each person is different, and so, we all choose differently when we’re selecting condoms. But you can get caught in a rut if you keep using the same type of condom again and again. Gone are the days when condoms had only a contraceptive use. Today, so many different types of condoms are available in India. They are designed to provide an added dimension to your sex life and transform your sexual experience. You can expect greater comfort, more sensations and a better performance with Durex condoms. Read on to know which type of condom you can try tonight.

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Types of Condoms

Gone are the days when condoms were only meant to safeguard against pregnancy and STDs. Today, condoms are designed to provide pleasure during sex. Different types of condoms are available in India, like ribbed, dotted, pre-lubricated and more, and the choice depends on what you and your partner prefer during sex. These provide wild and exciting sensations during sex, thus enhancing your mutual pleasure in the act.

Besides, there are condoms that are so thin that they provide the maximum closeness during sex – these are ideal for couples who dislike using condoms because they feel that they reduce the pleasurable sensations of sex. Just be sure to wear a condom every time you hit the hay – it’s the responsible thing to do!


Most couples complain about a lack of feeling with condoms. This is probably because the types of condoms they’re choosing are too thick. Welcome to the wonderful world of Durex Thin condoms. They offer a more intense experience, and they promise the highest levels of safety, too – all Durex condoms are electronically tested. While some condoms offer a great fit, others are sleeker and offer more closeness, such as the Ultra-Thin range. These condoms are at least 20 per cent thinner than the other types of condoms available in India. So, you can have greater sensitivity during sex. And if you want to take things up a notch, choose the Intimate Feel condoms that provide extra lubrication and are ultra-fine, designed to heighten your sensitivity and pleasure. Durex Thin Condom range includes Durex Air range and Durex Extra thin range.

Our thinnest ever condom


Till recently, people didn’t consider texture when looking for types of condoms in India. Ribbed condoms offer differing textures to transform the intensity of sex. Durex has a range of condoms with different dots and ribs; try Excite Me, which is dotted for extra stimulation, or Tickle Me, which has ribs and is straight walled, or even Pleasure Me, which is both ribbed and dotted to enhance stimulation for both partners. Explore ribbed or dotted condom for extra stimulation and intense pleasure condoms. If you want even more stimulation, you can choose the Durex Extra Ribbed or Extra Dots.

Durex Extra Ribbed or Extra Dots


The preferred condoms are made of latex, a kind of rubber. It goes without saying that Durex uses very high quality natural latex for making different types of condoms in India. However, if either of the partners are allergic to latex, you could still use condoms – just pick the non-latex kind. There are several condoms made of non-latex materials that feel completely natural and heighten the pleasure for you both. They are also designed to maximise sensitivity, so going latex-free has its benefits too.

Extra Safe

If safety is the most important issue for you, you can choose a slightly thicker condom that is well lubricated for maximum pleasure. Thicker condoms are also easier to wear, and there is a lower chance of them breaking or tearing during sex. So you can feel free to have great sex with the reassurance of protection.


Are you wondering why favoured condoms are among the most popular types of condoms in India? It’s because they are perfect for oral sex. Durex offers a range of flavours, including Durex vanilla popsicle, bubblegum and apple.

favoured Condom

Enhanced performance

Performance-enhancing condoms are real game changers: they may help you achieve simultaneous orgasms or even delay climax. Try the wonderful Durex Mutual Climax* condom to orgasm with your partner. Their ribs and dots are positioned so as to speed things up for her, while its lubricant slows things down for him – which means you can both come together! Other condoms are lubricated such that they prolong the excitement for him – thus leaving both partners enough time to enjoy each other.

It’s always best to experiment with different types of condoms available in India and choose the condom styles to see what works best for you both. Enhancing your experience and making your sex life better are now possible with different condom types that protect and pleasure at the same time. Explore Durex Performance condom Range.

Durex Performance condom