Better Sex for Her: Learning the Erogenous Zones

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Better Sex for Her: Learning the Erogenous Zones

Whether other animal species feel pleasure during sex the way humans do, is a matter of debate down the decade. As humans become more social and our societies become more complex, it’s likely we evolved a pleasure response to guarantee an incentive for reproduction, despite all the distractions. As a result, sexual response in humans can be triggered by a host of things outside pure sexual contact, such as suggestion, visual stimuli, and touch. So evolution is to be thanked for better sex!

If you want your woman to explore the full range of her sexuality, you must first know which areas of her body result in extra-sexual sensations – and this entails learning more about her erogenous zones.

By now, you may have worked out the obvious ones for yourself, but some of them can really surprise you! We’ve compiled a list of some of these zones – there are many more – with information on why they’re so important. There are tips on how to use them to drive her wild in bed. Never stop exploring her even if you’ve known her for years – and having a map will certainly help.

This one really needs no explanation. It is the centre of pleasure in women, containing a massive concentration of nerve endings. When stimulated, you can have her in raptures.

The anus holds several nerve endings that make the area quite sensitive. If she likes to try anal sex with you, start with a well lubricated finger and take it from there. If she doesn’t like this, rest a hand on the area to stimulate the nerve endings.

This is one of the most obvious ones, but most men don’t know that the nipples are super sensitive. They need attention, not rough handling! Treat them gently and with sexy caresses instead of handling them like you’re trying to tune a radio, or they will get really sore.

You know about her labial lips, but did you know that the lips on her face are extremely sensitive to touch and temperature sensations? Take your time over your kisses. Tease her, play with her mouth, suck and nibble to stimulate her till she can’t take it anymore.

And some you might not have guessed…

Surprised? The thighs are a hotbed of nerves, containing nerves that go all the way to the lower legs and feet. The inner thighs are very sensitive and can be stimulated with light caresses and kisses – and she will be thrilled if you’re close to her vulva. From light touching, you can move on to firm touching with your fingers to work the muscles deeper and fire off the nerves.

The ears are very sensitive, and just breathing softly near her ears or being near them can make her heart race. The area just behind her ears is particularly sensitive, so hold her head so that your thumb rests just behind her ear to rub it softly. This also puts you in the position of her protector.

Sex is all about enjoying the journey as much as the destination. So don’t forget to focus attention to the area in between her vagina and anus. This is the perineum, which is a sensitive patch covering the perineal sponge, a mass of erectile tissue. It is also known as the PS-Spot and can be stimulated by pushing up onto it gently for mind-blowing sex.

The spinal cord, which is the nervous system’s central hub, branches off into the nerves that lead to the legs and sexual organs. The skin on the lower back is very sensitive, and quite ticklish and arousing. If you apply firm pressure here, it can send jolts of pleasure throughout her body.

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