Body Basics For Her

Know Your Body, Love Your Body

Body Basics For Her


You can have hot, really exciting sex if you know your body well. Many women know about their anatomy by exploring their bodies with their fingers, but understanding the intimate areas in more detail will help in having more pleasurable sex.

The Mons Pubis

It is also known as the ‘pubic mound’. It is the area covered with hair and it is often overlooked. Cupping the mons helps stimulate the clitoris. If you press down gently, it helps retract the clitoral hood to expose the sensitive tip.

The Clitoris

It is the centre of female sexual pleasure, and is dense with nerves. It responds to the right kind of stimulation by engorging with blood, much like the penis shaft. Every woman has a different clitoral size, shape and sensitivity, so it is important to be gentle when touching it.

Some women lack clitoral sensation. When this happens, you can slide back the clitoral hood using your tongue or hand, exposing the tip of the hood. Once exposed, touch it lightly and progress after seeing the woman’s reaction. An initially less responsive woman can react very differently during sex once her clitoris is stimulated.

The Vagina

It is often the focal point of sex. The vagina comprises of an opening and a canal that stretches during arousal so as to accommodate the fingers or penis. Unlike the clitoris, the vaginal opening is not very sensitive, though some women report that their G-spot gives them pleasure. The cervix, at the top of the vagina, can also be an erogenous zone. But it is better to proceed with caution, as not every woman likes to be stimulated up there.

The vagina can lubricate itself during arousal, though some women may need additional lubrication, especially if the man’s penis is large or if there is prolonged or rigorous sexual activity.

Though the muscular tone varies between women, it is true that women can improve their orgasmic potential by flexing their Kegel muscles, as it increases blood flow to the area as well as muscular strength and control.

There are a number of Kegel exercises that women can practice, including 'jiggle balls', weighted cones, pressure-based contraptions and electrical pulse based toners which use a mild electrical current to make the muscles move on their own.

Alternatively, a woman can also do manual Kegel exercises by inserting a finger inside herself, then flexing and releasing the muscles down there until she starts to squeeze her finger, repeating to squeezing and holding ten times. Regular Kegel exercises will keep the vagina fit.


"Regular Kegel exercises keep the bits fit."