Body Basics For Him

Know Your Body, Love Your Body

Body Basics For Him


The better you know your body and what turns you on, the more pleasure you can derive from it. Most men are quite intimately acquainted with their bodies at an early age. But a more academic study of the intimate area can prove really useful, especially when the man starts having sex. Read on to know more about your penis and what drives it.

The Shaft

This is the main part of the penis. It swells with blood every time a man is sexually aroused. Many men worry about the girth and length of their penis – more than women worry about their partner’s penis, actually – and generally speaking, any size and thickness can help you have good sex.

If you think your penis is too curved to one side, it is best to visit a doctor to rule out certain disorders that cause a curvature. A too-curved penis may also get damaged during rough sex. However, it is natural to have a slight curve to the penis, and it is often nothing to worry about. It might even help you hit the G-Spot better.

The Glans

It is often known as the ‘head of the penis’ and is the most sensitive part of the organ. It comprises of the coronal ridge (around its bottom) and frenulum (the 'string' that runs from the glans to the shaft) which are particularly sensitive and able to offer much pleasure during touch and penetrative sex. It is best to avoid touching the glans if the man suffers from premature ejaculation.

The glans tends to swell with blood and darken during arousal. Some men have a full glans (which is referred to and looks like a mushroom head). This can make it uncomfortable to wear certain types of condoms, but Durex has a range of condoms designed to fit men's natural penis shape.

The Urethral Meatus

This is the tube inside the penis that shoots out sperm during orgasm. While some men like to have it stimulated, others find it far too intense. Sliding anything down the urethral meatus is not advisable – the object may get stuck and the man may need to rush to the hospital.

The Foreskin

Some men get their foreskin removed for religious or health reasons (for example, if it's too tight. Little scientific evidence suggests that removing the foreskin is healthier). The foreskin protects the glans and also helps the penis self-lubricate. As such, if the foreskin has been removed, the man will probably need to use a lot more lube during sex.

"Get to know your penis and you'll be far more equipped to handle it."