Condoms are an essential part of the sex act. They offer the highest level of protection from unplanned pregnancies and several sexually transmitted infections. And when you are protected, you can focus on enjoying sex even more. Besides, condoms can help enhance your sex life: they help in delaying ejaculation or speeding up orgasm! They also provide extra stimulation with varying sizes, thickness, ribs, ridges and dots, as also surface lubrication. 

So, what are Condoms?

Condoms are worn on the erect penis to prevent semen from getting out of the condom. Since it blocks the passage of bodily fluids, it prevents both unwanted pregnancies and harmful STIs from being swapped. Condoms are available in many forms and textures: thin, thick, ribbed (depending on the material) and dotted, and in many sizes to fit properly around the penis. They are usually made of latex, but they can also be made of polyisoprene, which is a non-latex material, usually preferred by those with latex allergies.

Protection from Pregnancy

Condoms can help avoid unplanned pregnancy from taking place, by disallowing semen from entering the vagina. They are extremely effective when used perfectly [1] with the risk of accidental pregnancy cut to 2%. Using it ensures that you have little to worry about when you’re getting down to it.

Protection from Infection

Using a condom greatly reduces your risk of both getting or giving someone an infection. You would not know you have contracted (or passed on) an STI because many of them do not show any symptoms at first. You can eliminate all worry by using condoms for your and your partner’s safety.

Condom safety

Durex’s condoms are really thin (its thickest condom is less than one tenth of a millimetre) but very strong. Each condom is electronically tested and subjected to rigorous batch tests. They are randomly taken out of batches and tested: after being inflated with air they are filled with water to see if the batch meets Durex’s high standards.

Should I use one?

The answer to this question is always: Yes. Condoms are essential if you are about to have intercourse or close genital contact. Like we mentioned above, they help prevent infections and pregnancies; plus, they help you have great sex! You can also discuss which kind of condom you like with your partner – if nothing else, it can start up an interesting conversation!

Ribbed or warming condoms provide an extra wow sensation. You could even try a thin feel condom to feel really close to your partner. Then there are delaying condoms to help prolong intercourse. Take a look at the Durex Condom range to get an idea of what you can try.