Want to have a sizzling hot honeymoon? Tips for driving her wild

Honeymoon Tips


After the wedding, it's time to plan your honeymoon—a few days or weeks of undisturbed joy with your partner. We are sure that you are already planning one. After much-needed rest time, honeymoon sex and  sex by finger are on schedule! After all, you have just pledged to spend the remaining of your life together and possibly start a family together. There's no better time than the vacation of a lifetime to have a little fun!

You are probably fatigued from preparing for the grandest event of your life and have been obsessed over the tiniest details for months or maybe years. Your honeymoon is the long-awaited week off—the day when you can finally relax, let your hair down, enjoy yourself, eat whatever you want, drink cocktails, and so on. You are more likely to fall asleep than stay up all night having crazy or intense sex. Even if you are fatigued and a bit burnt out, there is no excuse you shouldn't enjoy fantastic sex on your honeymoon. Durex's #7nightsofpassion box contains everything you require for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon or vacation.

Here are seven tips to have a sizzling honeymoon:

1. Pillow conversation

Pillow talk chats differ from everyday chats or discussions. Pillow talk features intimacy and vulnerability. Sharing personal information you would not tell anybody else is a good pillow chat. Durex intimacy cards available in Dreamhoneymoon and Lovecation boxes allow you to express your deepest desires.

There are some things you would not openly say to your lover at any other time of day unless you have previously fully opened yourself emotionally, physically, and now psychologically. Nobody else gets to see this aspect of you.



2. Role-play is so cool

The simplest way to liven up your sex life is through role play. There's an easy method to keep marital sex interesting: role play! Accept it. You and your partner have sexual fantasies and unfulfilled needs that entail dressing up as someone else, changing locations, and possibly even sex toys. So, seize this opportunity to realise your desires.

A role play that goes all the way may prove problematic back home. So the time has come! The strangers at the club sound fantastic. Or how about the mischievous patient and the seductive nurse? Dress for the part and get into action. You can get more ideas about role plays in the Durex Dreamhoneymoon, Steamy Weekend, and Lovecation boxes. Seduce your way to mind-blowing sex with the roleplay cards.

3. Turn her on

To increase the thrill, blindfold your partner. Get your hands on Dream Honeymoon, Steamy Weekend, and Lovecation boxes to get blindfolds and many other sexy products to make your honeymoon sizzling hot. Begin by delicately running a feather tickler over your blindfolded spouse's body. Once they are eager, start lightly touching their skin with your fingertips. Add some massage oil or lubrication and allow your hands gently explore your lover's favourite places on the body. Change your touch between tiny circles in small areas and lengthy, strong strokes on large parts, such as their limbs. The difference in feelings will push them over the brink and leave them wanting more.

4. Get into position

There are numerous sex positions, and what is best for one may not always be for another. We understand that trying something new could be intimidating, but something is exciting about exploring together, particularly as husband and wife! Durex Dream Honeymoon, Steamy Weekend, and Lovecation boxes are a good fit for your honeymoon if you would like to explore different positions together. Some couples prefer cowgirl or missionary positions where they can gaze passionately into each other's eyes, so experiment and find what works best for you.

Alternatively, if you are feeling sassy, mix it up! All you require for this is strong communication and a wonderful sense of humour with your spouse since there must be no pressure and a wonderful time - so have a wonderful time with it!

5. Cozy things up

We understand that it is your honeymoon, and you may want to dive right in as soon as you walk through the door of your room. Although we recommend trying to slow things down in the early part - you could begin with a blindfold and gentle kiss, hug and blow on some of their body parts as this would intensify all their senses and have their fantasy moving wild as you make your path through every phase of play. To make it even more romantic, put scented candles and play a romantic soundtrack in the room available in the Durex Dreamhoneymoon and Lovecation boxes.

6. Go places with flavoured condoms

The first step is to take it slowly. It is not necessary to put the candy straight into your mouth. You might begin by licking the navel and groynes. Be a few inches away from the erect penis and gaze into the lover's eyes. Be inventive with your tongue and hands. The intensity must increase. The looks and moans of your spouse are usually a good indicator that you are on the right track. Remember to use the flavoured condom available in the Durex Dreamhoneymoon, Steamy Weekend, and Lovecation boxes for STI protection.

7. Make it intense

To make your sexual life more passionate, add an intense ring to your sexual routine, available in the Durex Dreamhoneymoon and Lovecation boxes. These rings are great for couples looking to spice up their loving relationship without stepping outside their comfort zone. They will realise that an intense ring combined with a condom is what they require. The intense ring delivers a targeted vibration that produces powerful feelings, making sex more enjoyable.


Honeymoon is possibly the ideal time because there are no outside distractions or family members to bother you, so enjoy it to the fullest. Make the most of this particular occasion by having sex more than once. Morning sex is generally reported to be incredibly lovely and ties you to your spouse, so make sure you try it all.