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Each of us has different preferences in sex, and so, everybody likes different sex positions. The position you favour could be really simple or truly acrobatic. But there is no magic formula to achieve the perfect position, and getting an orgasm is possible even when you try something new. Each person’s body is different and no two people will enjoy the same kind of sex. So you and your partner will have to find the ‘best’ position for you together, after trying several others. The best part is, trying out different positions is as great as finding the right one. By trying different positions, you can find out more about your partner, what their tastes are and how you can make your sex life even more exciting. Try these positions to ramp up your sex life.

Face to Face

This is a position where one partner is on top of another, with their faces almost touching. The person on top can put their legs between the other person’s legs, or they can lock their legs and rub their bodies together and use their hands as well.

The benefits of this position are:

It initiates eye contact during sex, which is a very important factor. The missionary position gives the best angle of penetration and you can share a deep look, a smile or even a moan with your partner.

This pose makes it easy to read your partner’s expression and understand whether they like what you’re doing.

Depending on how your partner prefers it, you can take things slow or increase the speed and intensity with this position.

The partner on top can hold and angle themselves slightly so that penetration is deeper and more controlled. They can wrap their legs around their partner’s or raise their legs in the air for deeper penetration. 

Sitting Straddling

One partner sits on the other with their legs on the sides of the other’s body. This position allows the partner on top to guide the other, while supporting themselves to aid balance. And both partners can freely use their hands on each other as well.

The benefits here are:

The person on top has more control over the depth of penetration and the speed of the intercourse.

Since there is better control over the penetration, sex becomes easier. The partner below gets a great view of their partner’s body as well.

Being on top helps the partner get the perfect angle that works for them. Women on top are able to get better clitoral stimulation in this position.

This position is the best if you want to look at each other’s bodies as you go. Locking eyes while you rock each other also forges a deeper emotional connection.

This position allows both partners to stroke each other’s chests, bellies and shoulders, since they don’t need to prop themselves up on their arms.

It lets you cut loose and really play with your partner. Touching their penis or clitoris during sex can result in an explosive sexual encounter. 

From Behind

Penetrating your partner from behind allows you to go deep and get a great view of your partner’s body. This position, often referred to as the ‘doggy style’, can lead to intense sex and the most explosive orgasms. You can start with both of you facing the same direction, and the man entering from behind. This position also allows both partners to focus on their own pleasure.

The benefits of this position are:

It allows for a deeper entry that helps the other partner achieve an orgasm much faster.

The position makes it easier for both partners to move, so the sex can be more intense and much faster.

It gives a more comfortable angle of entry.

It brings passion and energy to your sex life.

This position allows easy changes in rhythm and angles.

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