Naughty honeymoon gifts for your husband to strengthen your relationship

Honeymoon Gifts For Him


Are you looking for a sensual present for your husband? Receiving a sexy or naughty gift will make your man very happy and enhance connections.

The honeymoon period is ideal for romantic and sensual surprises for your lover to make him even more excited to be yours. Aside from cuddling together in bed and dressing up in elegant nightgowns for him, there are a variety of surprise gifts for your spouse that you could plan for during your honeymoon. Pick one or all of these surprise present suggestions for your husband that we've shared with you. Have a look!

1. A naughty pack to spice up things under the sheets

The honeymoon is among the most anticipated and nerve-racking events for both partners. It does not matter if you have known him for years or only met him three months ago; the butterflies in your stomach feel more like a zoo in reality. However, if your chemistry with him is more bent toward enjoyment and ease, and you despise the concept of being a naive bride who would never take the initiative, the Durex Dream Honeymoon pack is the ideal gift for him. You get many Durex products like Mutual Climax condoms, massage gel and much more, plus accessories including a blindfold, scented candles, position placards and more. Make your honeymoon's first-night sex unforgettable.

2. Unique condom presents for him

Although everyone knows the importance of thin condoms, sometimes we forget that they could also be fun. Why not give your spouse the wonderful gift of synchronized orgasms on your honeymoon? The mutual climax is a tricky concept to master, but Durex Mutual Climax Condoms might be able to assist! Who would have imagined receiving condoms as gifts?

They are made with Performa lubricant for males and pleasure dots for females. You may train yourselves to come in perfect unison every time by making eye contact, practising a little, and exercising some attractive self-control. Alternatively, you can also gift a Lovecation pack for more fun.

3. Blindfold

You have heard that if one of the five senses is lost, the others supposedly tend to get stronger. You can present a satiny blindfold to your spouse and test it thoroughly. It is a pleasant accessory that takes up little room in your suitcase and is inexpensive. Consider purchasing the Durex Steamy Weekend pack if you want to experiment and step things up. You will get sexy and naughty products and accessories, including flavoured condoms, a Spotify playlist, a blindfold, a scented candle and more. This box will prove to be the best fit for your honeymoon.

4. Positions placards

The first time having sex could be more exciting, thrilling and unforgettable with the position placards. To make it more exciting and gift a deck of position placards. Let him choose one, and whatever position, it turns out to be the one for the night. It will make it exciting, intensify lovemaking and ignite a lifetime of amazing sex.

5. Cards for role-playing

Looking for a way to liven things up in the bedroom but need help figuring out where to start? Have you ever desired to be somebody else? Why not try your hand at role-playing? During your honeymoon, gift your husband Durex Lovecation box, which contains role placards and much more naughty and sexy products.

Many people are concerned that they would be embarrassed by their desire to play a role, yet this could not be away from reality. Role-playing is an intimate method to embrace each other's dreams and be a little vulnerable with your spouse. Moreover, by pretending to be somebody else, you are showing your spouse who you are by demonstrating who you want to be.

6. Plan a private dinner

You could never go wrong with a private meal as a surprise gift for your husband. There are numerous ways to do so. Choose one for yourself:

  • Speak with the hotel staff about scheduling a room service surprise for the evening. It may be wine and cheese, coffee and dessert, or even a pizza your partner enjoys.
  • Alternatively, inform your husband that you will be attending a formal dinner. Then amaze him with a fancy dinner delivered to your room.
  • Find a romantic and one-of-a-kind dinner spot near your hotel and make surprise bookings.
  • It might be anything dinner on a yacht, a cruise, or on the terrace.
  • Many resorts and hotels now offer intimate and exclusive dining experiences, so confirm with the staff before booking.


Gone are when only the husband anticipated giving his wife a present on their honeymoon. Nowadays, it is customary for the wife to purchase gifts for her husband to convey her affection and love for him. Considering his likes and dislikes when selecting a honeymoon present demonstrates how much you understand and respect his opinions.