How soon can you have sex after a baby?

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How soon can you have sex after a baby?

Most couples skirt around the issue of how soon they can have sex after having a baby – and it can lead to a lot of tension in the bedroom as well.

Having a baby is one of the biggest joys mankind can experience. The nine months of waiting and anticipation finally culminate into the most sacred events of one’s life, when one brings their precious bundle of joy home. But while couples are thrilled with their baby and raring to start a new chapter as parents, there is one issue that soon becomes a source of contention: how soon can they have sex after the baby’s birth? 

Many couples abstain from having sex even when the woman is pregnant, especially if she suffers from high blood pressure, or if the pregnancy is a stressful one requiring long periods of rest. However, other couples are cleared for having sex after the woman starts her second trimester, provided the couple does not practice the missionary position during sex.

The story changes abruptly after the birth of the baby, however. Childbirth is quite traumatic on the woman’s body, and some women require surgical intervention to give birth. Besides, the expanded uterus takes its own time to contract, causing minor contractions and pains. There are several hormonal and physical changes that the woman contends with after childbirth. So if you are wondering when to have sex after the baby arrives, here are a few pointers:

Ask the doctor.

The ob-gyn is the best person to answer the question of how soon you can have sex after the baby’s  birth. The doctor will examine your partner’s health parameters, especially if she has had perineum tears or a C-section for the delivery. Only when your partner’s body is healing properly can she participate in sex, or even have the desire for it. If all is well, you can have sex about six weeks after the baby is born.

Don’t force the issue.

You might be raring to have sex – after all, it’s been weeks since you hit the sack with her. But if nightly feedings and vaginal bleeding are making her reluctant, you must respect her wishes at this time. You may ask if she would like to resume having sex again, but don’t pursue the matter for a while if she is unwilling. Henceforth, make sure you use a condom till you are ready to have another child.

Deal with her emotional issues first.

Some women experience postpartum depression, or they feel stressed out about the changes in their bodies. They fear that they will not be able to shift the weight they gained during pregnancy, and that their partners don’t find them attractive any more. Constantly reassure her that she is beautiful in your eyes, and be as affectionate and loving as you always have been. She will slowly begin to feel sexy again, and may even initiate sex!