No Glove No Love

How to make him use a condom


While some men are sensible enough to carry condoms in their wallets or bags and use them when needed, there are others that try to dissuade women from using one during sex. As a woman, you must stay safe from an unplanned pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by carrying condoms, even if he doesn’t, and using them.

  1. If a man says he doesn't want to use a condom for sex, tell him straight up that you’re not ready for a pregnancy. A man may be willing to risk an STI, but he's unlikely to risk an unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Using a condom shows that you respect each other. If he doesn't respect you enough to keep both of you safe, is he really worth having sex with?
  3. If he says he wants to feel close to you without a condom on, tell him that being able to relax and have safe sex will help you feel much closer to him.
  4. Should he persist on having sex without a condom, tell him that you don't want to put him at risk of any STIs. You could only have performed oral sex on a previous partner, but there is a chance that you have contracted something.
  5. If a man says unprotected sex will make him love you more, remind him that if he truly loves you, he wouldn't expose you to any risk.
  6. If a man says that the two of you are in a monogamous relationship and so you don’t need a condom for sex, tell him that he shouldn’t expect you to expose yourself to any risk.
  7. If a man calls you immature for insisting on sex with a condom, tell him you're mature enough to insist on safe sex. Maturity is about not taking unnecessary risks.
  8. A properly fitting condom makes all the difference. Get a bigger condom like the Comfort XL if he says the one he’s using is too tight.
  9. Some men are allergic to latex. You can stock up on latex-free condoms.
  10. If a man refuses to let you use a condom yourself, just refuse to have sex at all. There are other ways you can have enjoy each other without risking an STI or unplanned pregnancy. Ask yourself this, however: If he's always unwilling to use a condom, is he worth getting intimate with at all?
"Try a bigger condom like the Comfort XL if he says they feel too tight"