What is a Condom, Condom Sizes and Facts, How to use a Condom – Durex

Condom sizes and facts

What is a Condom, Condom Sizes and Facts, How to use a Condom – Durex

What is a condom?

Condoms are thin pouches that are worn by men to prevent sperms from entering the vagina. To prevent pregnancy, it’s important to know how to use condoms. While there are many choices of condoms available in India, it’s recommended to choose condoms made of high quality natural latex.

Condom sizes and facts

While they come in a wide variety of sizes, flavours and types, they can also serve very specific functions, such as helping delay a man's orgasm, or significantly improve pleasure for both partners.

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Many people feel anxious about how to use condoms. Contrary to popular belief, using a condom properly is fairly easy. What is important is to pick the right condom size and store it in a tin case or a box as opposed to a bag or a wallet. Doing so might damage. Another thing to keep in check is expiry date. Condoms in India are now also available in different favours and textures.

Now, both men and women can help each other wear a condom, however, to keep things hygienic, it is important to wash your hands. Also, if you’ve had any oily or greasy food, make sure your hands are clean as the oils may react with the condom, increasing the chances of breakage.

Why use a condom?

When asked what is a condom, most people will say it’s a contraceptive. However, condom uses and benefits go much beyond this. It prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Not just during intercourse, but also during oral sex. When selecting a condom, there are many flavoured condom choices available in India. You may be wondering what is a flavoured condom and why does taste matter? Well, it certainly does matter during oral sex. The condom flavours available in India can range from vanilla popsicle to green apple and even bubblegum. 

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One good trick to enjoy your foreplay is to wear a condom beforehand, but don’t wait too long as it may dry out.

Pick right Condom Size

Most guys are so embarrassed about buying condoms that they just buy the first one preferred by the local pharmacy and scuttle away before anybody notices. But there is a big problem with this approach – you might pick a generic condom that is the wrong size and hence, the wrong fit. It is so important to know which size to pick and how to use condoms correctly.

 Picking one that’s too large or just a shade too small can make sex uncomfortable and rife with anxiety.

Besides, an ill-fitting condom will either slip off during the act (if it is too large) or tear (if it is tight) – either way, you risk ejaculating inside your female partner and impregnating her. You also open yourself and her to the risk of STDs.

The condom size that is perfect for you is the one that fits snugly when you wear it, and which does not move on touch, but which does not render your penis immobile as well. There are many condom types and sizes available today, and you can pick the one that best fits – after trying out the most likely sizes first. We recommend that you buy a condom in the country of your birth and residence. Condom manufacturers produce condoms based on the penis sizes of local men, and Asian condoms have different sizes than US or UK ones. So the condoms in India will be quite different from those in Western countries, for example.

How to use Condom

Condoms are the best way to have safer sex, but do you know how to use condom correctly? Simply rip open the wrapper from the serrated edge, and carefully avoid your fingernails from touching it, even teeth or jewellery can potentially damage the condom.

Next step is to check which way it rolls, inside or the outside. If you're doubtful, gently blow air into the condom and you’ll see it unroll, this will make it easier for you to see the right way round.

You press your fingers together on the condom teat so no air gets trapped. Keeping the teat squeezed, you roll it all the way down the shaft of the penis, while holding it with your other hand.

If in the middle of sex, it begins to roll back, stop, take it off and put on a new one.

Upon the man coming, hold the condom by the base and withdraw. Once off, tie it into a knot, wrap it in a tissue paper and throw it down the bin. Do not flush it down the toilet as it may pollute and block the drainage. Now, the most important point, never re-use a condom!
If the night is long, make sure you’re adequately prepared.

*condom use may help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

*condoms can help reduce the risk of pregnancy