Take Her To Paradise

Take her to paradise


Every culture has its own ideas about what makes great sex, and we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Read on to find out how to please your partner by bringing an exotic paradise to your very own bedroom – and discover how Durex can send you there for real with a fantastic summer giveaway.

Read the Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra is a well-known ancient Indian text, but what’s less well-known is that it's not just a manual of different sexual positions. It also gives more general tips on how to please your partner, including three ways of kissing — the throbbing kiss, measured kiss and the brushing kiss (ideal to experiment with on a steamy summer’s night)

Try feng shui
The Chinese practise of feng shui has a lot to say about how to get the ultimate positive, erotic energy flowing through a bedroom. Recommendations for bed positions include having a bedside table on each side, having your bed places so that it’s easily approachable from both sides and not having the bed in line with the doors.  Candles are also advised as they clear the energy in a room and create an intimate, warm and healing atmosphere ideal to please your partner. Try something new in your bedroom this summer to see whether sex goes with more of a bang.

Practise sitting pretty
A popular position in Spain is The Lotus. This position is a great way to bring your summer sense of adventure inside, as
you’ll maintain eye contact and be face-to-face as you please your partner. And that means a more intense connection and greater confidence together.

Experiment with karezza
Karezza (derived from the Italian word "carezza" meaning to caress) is a technique similar to India Tantra, where the man remains inside the woman for at least 10 minutes, moving only when he needs to maintain an erection. Try this at home with the man penetrating slowly and gently. Match your breathing and maintain eye contact, to focus on your emotional connection. Although the aim of karezza has traditionally been sex without orgasm, if you don’t want to follow tradition to the letter, you may find that by delaying and controlling your orgasm, you both experience a bigger, better climax as a result.

Read The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight
This Arabic 15th Century work of erotic literature offers advice on how to please your partner, the importance of foreplay and suggests sex positions such as love’s fusion. This is where you lay facing each other, with the woman’s upper leg wrapped around her partner, and your faces close together. The book also states that no guilt should be felt around sex, and that sexual pleasure is a divine gift everyone has the right to enjoy.