Try Out Different Yoga Positions For Enhanced Pleasure

Yoga Sex Positions

Bored of the usual sex positions? Try out different yoga positions for enhanced pleasure

Yoga could help you enhance cardiovascular and circulatory wellness, muscle mass, and flexibility. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you might have mastered a few poses and may even have a favourite.

But we are sure most of you would have never imagined including these positions in the bedroom. Sex and yoga have a lot of similarities; you might discover that a few of your yoga positions require only minor adjustments to be transformed into exciting sex positions. Interesting, right?

Do you want to learn further about sex and yoga? Mentioned below are six enticing yoga poses to try right now.

  1. Cat position

The cat pose is performed on the knees and hands. 


  • Merely roll your spine towards the roof while keeping your face and head down in neutral.
  • This posture is conveniently gender-adaptable.
  • The posture is similar to the doggy position, but with the recipient arching their back, you might explore new sensations as the anus and vagina are angled differently.
  1. Cow position

Imagine the cow pose as the inverse of the cat pose. What do you understand? You will know why it is such a sexy yoga posture. 


  • Start on your knees and hands as with the cat posture. 
  • Rather than curving your back to the roof, arch your back to the ground while maintaining your head forward.
  • It is an organic modification of the usual doggy position but with the back arched downward, you might feel sensory experiences once your companion enters you.

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  1. The downward dog

The downward dog sexual posture is nearly similar to the yoga equivalent. 


  • Standing, position your hands on the ground with your back, arms, and legs straight, forming an upside-down V shape.
  • Downward dog is usually performed with your shoulder feet width apart. 
  • Enhance the spacing between your feet to allow your companion more than enough room to enter you vaginally or anally from behind.
  1. Bridge posture


  • Start by lying on your back, and after that bend your knees and place your feet on the ground.
  • Force your hands into the ground to raise your back and hips. 
  • Your arms and shoulders would now be supporting you. 
  • If necessary, clasp your hands beneath you to create your posture safer.
  • The bridge posture is modified conveniently for sex. Before starting the posture, enhance the spacing between your feet. This must give your partner enough room to move between your legs and penetrate you or even have sex by finger.
  1. The garland pose

The garland posture is a well-known yoga posture. It is yoga for premature ejaculation.  It also doubles well enough for sex. 


  • Squat with your feet near each other to accomplish the garland posture. 
  • Split your thighs and push your elbows against your inner thighs in a friendly greeting with your hands.
  • This is an excellent posture for sex. Make sure to stand on a solid enough surface to avoid falling over. 
  • As you enter the garland, position your feet so that they are on either side of your partner's hips. Permit your companion to penetrate you as you finish the posture.
  • Here, you could let your companion do the job or swing back and forth or upwards and downwards to make the most of it.
  1. Big toe posture

The big-toe posture is unquestionably a more advanced yoga posture for sex. 


  • Begin by standing tall, then bend over and grab your big toe while keeping your legs straight. 
  • This posture is excellent for circulation and flexibility and leaves you in the ideal position to enter vaginally or anally.
  • The stunning curve of the hips must cause your vagina and hip to change course, which might result in some magnificent sensations. 
  • Allow your companion has a firm grip on your buttock so that you do not fall over.


If you are new to yoga, we do not recommend attempting to adopt complex poses like the firefly. However, the plethora of sensuous asanas outlined above can add flexibility to your bedtime activities.

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